Fable: Been Caught Recording

Pertama kali muncul pada 1994 kala dimana musik alternatif mulai merebak di Nusantara, Fable mengawali kiprahnya di beragam panggung di Jakarta, mulai dari ajang alternatif, brit pop, hardcore, pensi sampai kafe.

Homegrown & Well Known: RIDWAN RUDIANTO

A very detail-oriented perfectionist, he keeps a low profile and frequently does high profile jobs, Ridwan Rudianto began his career in video/filmmaking right after he completed his studies in Toronto, Canada.

Domestic Groove: THE SECRET AGENTS

Favourite albums at the moment: Superbad Soundtrack vol. 38: The Return of Setan Tete (compiled by Gooodit) and Superbad Soundtrack vol. 34: Super Suranta I (compiled by David Tarigan)

Homegrown & Well Known: ARIEF ‘AYIP’ BUDIMAN

Arief ‘Ayip’ Budiman is a key figure of graphic design and marketing communication in Indonesia. He started marking his territory since 1991. He pioneered and at the forefront of so-called “creative industry” in Bali.

Days Elapsed

Check out the brand new single from RISKY SUMMERBEE & THE HONEYTHIEF with FRAU, “Day Elapsed”.

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