Finally had a chance to see Bumblebee last night. I bet most of you have seen it already. I don’t really follow Transformers, Star Wars, Star Trek, anything in that genre. I mean I’d still go to the cinemas to see those flicks. But mostly due to FOMO—fear of missing out. Plus I always like the ritual of going to the movies, watch motion pictures from a huge screen, and experiencing Dolby/THX/DTS, any sophisticated sound system.

Many of my good friends said Bumblebee is great. The media reviews also good. Mostly commented the music, the soundtrack, is very interesting. And it’s true, the first minute the movie started—the film is set in 1987—you’d hear New Kids on the Block. Whoa.

Wait, what?! Screw them. Fuck NKOTB. No, it’s The Smiths. “Bigmouth Strikes Again”, to be precise. Fucking whoa.

For me, it’s such a strong mood booster. Same as you—not you, Fred Durst—we all love The Smiths. The jangly pop miserabilists. Smiths songs are our loyal friends to get us through every stage of heartbreak.

Charlie Watson is wearing The Smiths’ t-shirt | Photo: Spotern.

“Bigmouth” isn’t the only Smiths’ tune in Bumblebee, there’s also “Girlfriend in a Coma”. While Charlie, the main character, wears The Smiths t-shirts most of the times in the film—take a look at the poster, too.

“I really fuckng like The Smiths. When I was 18 I got into The Smiths and … I just fucking love them. How can you not? Honestly, for me, The Smiths were like the first time that I was choosing my own music, weirdly. When I was younger I just listened to what ever was around. So when I listened to The Smiths I was like, ‘Oh yes! This is me. I love everything about them. I love the words. It is so weird. The songs are strange!’” Bumblebee writer Christina Hodson tells Metro USA.

Frankly, Mr. Shankly, go see Bumblebee now!

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