Homegrown & Well Known: Dodix

He has chosen to live a rock-n-roll life and spins reggae tunes now, instead of pursuing his previous brilliant career as a hotelier. Following his heart seems to have worked out well.

Homegrown & Well Known: SUARNATHA

The guy behind one of the longest running NGO in Bali—Wisnu Foundation, the person who walks the talk of so-called “creative industry” even before the term was coined; the calm but sharp man, Suarnatha, has a big plan. A very big plan.

Video: Play Melbourne

A non-traditional approach to promote a city and its dynamic. Awesomeness!

Domestic Groove: ADE DARMAWAN

Mostly rock and metal. I’m kind of stuck in 60’s to 90’s music hehe… I don’t really follow current music trend. Plus I’m not really listening to radios or watching TVs anymore.

Homegrown & Well Known: ANOM DARSANA

When a stranger gives you a difficult 2-in-1 task: “I need a local guy who understands about international-standard sound recording and is also able to organize sophisticated music concerts,” no need to be panic, just say this name: Anom Darsana.

Homegrown & Well Known: RIDWAN RUDIANTO

A very detail-oriented perfectionist, he keeps a low profile and frequently does high profile jobs, Ridwan Rudianto began his career in video/filmmaking right after he completed his studies in Toronto, Canada.

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