Homegrown & Well Known: EDO WULIA & CIKA

Starting out as behind the scenes volunteers at minikino.org, Edo, a qualified music teacher, and Cika, a talented architect, are devoted to short films

Homegrown & Well Known: AGUS PANDE

Being a great jazz musician was his teenage dream. But one fateful afternoon, this shy Balinese guy set eyes on the beautiful body of a Canon SLR, dumped music and moved his heart to photography.

Domestic Groove: FARAH WARDANI

Joining the hype: Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. Been interested in Daft Punk since they first came out with that “Around The World” video, and then the Interstella 5555 album.

Homegrown & Well Known: ERICK EST

Who are you when you start with nothing, sell your motorbike to support your habit, go bankrupt several times over and, despite all of this, still refuse to quit?

Homegrown & Well Known: GUS DE

Other than Putu, Made, Nyoman and Ketut, one of the most generic names you’re likely to find in Bali is “Gusde”.

Homegrown & Well Known: Dodix

He has chosen to live a rock-n-roll life and spins reggae tunes now, instead of pursuing his previous brilliant career as a hotelier. Following his heart seems to have worked out well.

Homegrown & Well Known: SUARNATHA

The guy behind one of the longest running NGO in Bali—Wisnu Foundation, the person who walks the talk of so-called “creative industry” even before the term was coined; the calm but sharp man, Suarnatha, has a big plan. A very big plan.

Video: Play Melbourne

A non-traditional approach to promote a city and its dynamic. Awesomeness!

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