Too many sad days / Too many Tuesday mornings / I thought of you today / I wished it was yesterday mornings / I though of you today / And I dreamt you were dressed in mourning

I was introduced to The Pogues via this gorgeous song, “Tuesday Morning”. When I bought the album, Waiting for Herb, I thought it was Shane MacGowan in the vocal department. Turned out it was Spider Stacy—and it’s not bad at all!

Released in October 1993 Waiting for Herb is the first studio album without the notorious Shane MacGowan—he got fired due to his horrible drunk habits. Surprise surprise, “Tuesday Morning” is Pogues’ most successful single internationally and peaked at #11 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks.

Photo: Glasgowist.

Peter Richard “Spider” Stacy is better known for playing tin whistle and doing backing vocal for The Pogues. Stacy co-founded The Pogues along with MacGowan, Jem Finer, and James Fearnley. Stacy is credited with suggesting the band’s original name, Pogue Mahone, Irish for “kiss my arse”.
Stacy took the lead singer duty for the Pogues’ following studio album, Pogue Mahone. The seventh and final studio album—released in 1996—was not a critical or commercial success. The Pogues called it quit the same year.

Outside of The Pogues, Stacy has appeared in both live performances and on recordings. In 2005, Stacy performed two songs, including “Joe Hill,” with Patti Smith at the Meltdown festival. In 2007, he appeared on The Dropkick Murphys’ version of “Flannigan’s Ball” with Ronnie Drew of The Dubliners.

Today, Dec 14, is Spider Stacy’s birthday. Sláinte!


Video: The Pogues in Paris, 2012, 30th anniversary concert at the Olympia.

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