Tomorrow Nite! Extended Play!

Tomorrow nite! Wednesday, August 11, 2010; 8 – 10 PM

Upcoming R-n-R Exhibition: SIMON GRIGG
Extended Play

:: Introduction and playlist, written and handpicked by Simon Himself ::

As a kid growing up in suburban Auckland in the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s good music was very hard to find. The commercial radio was awful, dominated by mainstream pap with a couple of hours of harder edged rock’n’roll late at night.

Then came pirate radio and the underground and it opened a whole new world of adventure to me. Radio didn’t have to be pap. I starting hunting out the sounds I was hearing on my radio under the blankets late at night when I was supposed to be asleep, most especially the bands that were making the sorts of raw garage rock’n’roll in my hometown. By age 16 I was sneaking out and was a regular, under-aged, fixture at the various clubs and bars where bands, most of whom were never recorded, played.

It was a short step from there to the forming my own band and then my own label. It set me on a journey I’m still enjoying.

I’ve always liked to be challenged by music and almost everything here pushed the boundaries of contemporary music at the time they were released. And they are tunes… every last one of them

The Playlist:
01. The La De Da’s – How is The Air Up There
02. The Bluestars – Social End Product
03. The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows
04. The Stooges – No Fun
05. David Bowie – All The Madmen
06. Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Blank Generation
07. Wire – Mannequin
08. The Saints – (This) Perfect Day
09. The Buzzcocks – Love Battery
10. Gang of Four – Armalite Rifle
11. Suburban Reptiles – Saturday Night Stay At Home Night
12. Johnny Thunders – You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory
13. The Clash – Bankrobber
14. The Features – Victim
15. The Birthday Party – Nick The Stripper
16. Tall Dwarfs – Nothing’s Gonna Happen
17. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – Scorpio
18. New Order – Everything’s Gone Green
19. Bored Games – Joe 90
20. The Screaming Meemees – Stars In My Eyes
21. Elvis Costello & The Attractions – What’s So Funny About Peace Love & Understanding
22. Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
23. Mr Fingers – Can you Feel It
24. EPMD – So What Cha Saying
25. The Headless Chickens – Gaskrankinstation
26. 808 State – Cubik
27. Kraftwerk – Radioactivity (Francois K Mix)
28. Nathan Haines – Earth Is The Place (Francois K Edit)
29. The Others Requiem – Hot Vs. Cold

Roars, Rants, & Raves, coming very soon!


The Block Rockin’ Beats
Curator: Rudolf Dethu
Every Wednesday, 8 – 10 PM
The Beat Radio Plus – Bali, 98.5 FM

120 minutes of cock-melting tunes.
No bullcrap.
Zero horse shit.
Rad-ass rebel without a pause.

Shut up and slamdance!

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