Music journalist, writer, radio DJ, socio-political activist, creative industry leader, and a qualified librarian, Rudolf Dethu is heavily under the influence of the punk rock philosophy. Often tagged as this country’s version of Malcolm McLaren—or as Rolling Stone Indonesia put it 'the grand master of music propaganda'—a name based on his successes when managing Bali’s two favourite bands, Superman Is Dead and Navicula, both who have become two of the nation’s biggest rock bands.


Currently based in Denpasar, he has published two books; Blantika | Linimasa—the first ever history of modern music in Bali, and Rasis! Pengkhianat! Miskin Moral!—a biography of Superman Is Dead.

A former chairman for non-governmental Dutch-Indonesian music foundation, OneDollarForMusic, he co-founded one of the biggest creative-industry events in Indonesia, Bali Creative Festival, in 2010 and 2011.

His two current projects are Rumah Sanur and Rudolf Dethu Showbiz. The first is a creative hub, a space for artists, creatives, thinkers, innovators, and social entrepreneurs—according to their motto—to connect, collaborate, and celebrate. The second is about following his passion in music. After quite a long hiatus from managing bands he has decided to go back to show business & is currently managing The Hydrant.

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