Travolta of New Romantic? Could be. 64 years ago, 3 November, Stuart Leslie Goddard was born

Better known as Adam Ant, he gained massive popularity in the UK—he’s English—after him and his group, Adam & the Ants, released their major label’s debut album Kings of the Wild Frontier.

But Adam Ant became a global sensation after his following full-length recording, Prince Charming. The two singles, “Stand and Deliver” and “Prince Charming”, were like main anthems in the New Romantic movement.

Photo: Daily Mail.

Adam & the Ants were one of my big idols back then, in my New Wave era. Not only amazed by their ethno-punk approach, also really liked their style. Better than Culture Club.

As far as I know, Adam Ant not that famous in Indonesia in the 80s. Only in the big cities. He became huge and attracted the 90s generation here via “Wonderful”—which I don’t like. As an old fan that song is too cheesy for me—Adam Ant much cooler than that.

The track here, “Goody Two Shoes”, released in May 1982. It was Adam Ant’s debut as a solo artist, following the dissolution of Adam and the Ants in early 1982. In the US, this was his first and biggest hits, peaking at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Know your history. Happy belated birthday, Adam Ant!

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