This toe-tapping piece is one of my favourite songs ever. “Sing Your Life”, is to celebrate life and to celebrate the singer’s birthday—yes, Morrissey has turned 60 today!

Ned Raggett of AllMusic called the song “one of Morrissey’s subtler pieces, and also one with a more upbeat and straightforward message than most.”

The song was performed live by Morrissey on his 1991 Kill Uncle tour. The song was last performed on 6 October 1991, and was dropped from the set list for the rest of the tour. Along with all of the material from Kill Uncle, “Sing Your Life” has never been performed by Morrissey since the 1991 tour, but it is frequently requested by his audience. When Morrissey hears the request, he usually replies by saying “I’m singing it.”

Happy birthday, Moz! Don’t spend the day in bed, grumpy grandpa! Sing your life!

…Sing your life
Walk right up to the microphone
And name
All the things you love
All the things that you loathe ….

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