Konser Kejutan & Bebas Bea Michael Franti di Bali

Artikel mengenai konser Michael Franti ini tayang pertama kali pada 28 Desember 2010 di situs Rolling Stone Indonesia. Saya tampilkan di situs pribadi saya demi mendokumentasikan tulisan yang pernah saya buat untuk arsip yang sahih lagi sinambung.
Tonite! Wednesday, November 24, 2010; 8-10 PMR-n-R Exhibition [mini version]: MIAN TIARAA Journey:: Introduction, playlist and photo, written and handpicked by Tiara herself :: Let's pack our stuff, we're going on a trip, visiting places, travel through time and space. But first, bring what you need. Put them in your backpacks. Make sure all is checked. We might have to give up what we have and trade them with things along the road. Because that's a road trip is all about. No expectations, only excitements. Everything is random. We will not have the knowledge to see what is going to happen. We just have to experience it. Here's a little something to add something to your life. Now, let's get lost. ♪♬ ♫ Radio streaming live


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