The Mix Ape I

These songs were picked just to suit the momentum on the mixtape. And the only reason I picked “Pengabdi Setan” for the intro & outro of the mix because it was one the most scariest Indonesian movie during the 80’s.

•Sisworo Gautama Putra – PENGABDI SETAN
•P0gman – RAH
•Stoger – Hazmat
•Agro – Piff Finished
•Taiki & Nulight – Pure
•Kelly Dean – As Soon As The Dark Hits (Chewie Remix)
•Distance – Night Vision (Skream Remix)
•Antiserum feat Ollie Bassweight – Budspot
•Enigma Dubz – The Snake (Original Mix)
•50 Carrot – Snitch
•Dual Shock – Bipolar Disorder (Habstrakt Remix)
•Cyberoptics feat. Unknown Space Pioneer – Harlequin Dreams
•Megalodon Conscious Pilot – Like This (Instrumental)
•MuK – Mad Ting
•BadKlaat – Head Top (Bukez Finezt Remix)
•Curifex – Raw Skankin’ VIP
•Requake – Lazy Ladies
•Phrenik – Forsaken
•JPhelpz – Bring the Bass Back (Barron Remix)
•Antiserum – Flustered
•Bare Noize – Fortunez (Ollie! Remix)
•Dub Scout – Eliminate Collab
•Kombot, Bodie – How it’s going down (Original Mix)
•Generation – Monsters (Original_Mix)
•ARTFX – Beat Cannon
•Everest & Dead Cosmonaut – Engage (Sadhu Remix)
•Boy Kid Cloud – Feel High VIP
•Foreign Beggars & D.Ablo – Anywhere (Original Mix)
•Perkulator – Gravitron (Original Mix)
•Gramatik – Illusion Of Choice
•The Unik – Yeah (Original Mix)
•12 Gauge & P0gman – First Blood
•Gimbal & Sinan – Cable (Original Mix)
•Devolution(Original Mix)
•Bar 9 – Triple Drop
•Barron & Monxx – Warborn (Original Mix)
•Sisworo Gautama Putra – PENGABDI SETAN

Click the photo below to download The Mix Ape I by ELECTROFUX[RADICAL REGIME]


*Front page photo, borrowed from Glenn Schapps
*Electrofux tattoo photo, borrowed from Cotton Colony

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