Tonite! Past, Present, Heron, & Morphine!

Upcoming Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: EKA ANNASHPast, Present, Heron & Morphine:: Playlist & notes, handpicked & written by Eka Himself :: Some of these tracks are obvious classic. But I'm going to try to include a few obscures that I thought was brilliant and didn't had the chance to be explored by (or exposed to) the mass at the time of its release. But then again, maybe it didn't have to. It only belongs to those whom had intimate relation with (and appreciation to) these songs, that makes them extremely vital and relevant from the first place. These songs connect with me in a special way. It has relation to momentum, mental state and memories that happened during the stretch of my childhood, puberty and adulthood. It helped shaping me into a better human being that I am today. Enjoy!


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