Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: MARCEL THEE

Edition: May 19, 2010; 8-10 PMRock-n-Roll Exhibition: MARCEL THEEIt's Fascist-lite, I Know, But Yeah...:: Playlist & notes, handpicked & written by Marcel Himself :: These are songs I grew up and down with. Songs I took my first and last hit with. Songs I played various livid games to. Some of them are current, most are old, but all are part of my 29-odd years in the world. Tentu aja ada terlalu banyak yang juga dapat merepresentasikan hidup gue dengan sempurna sampai sekarang; tapi gue memilih spesifik lagu-lagu ini karena kontrasnya mereka yang mencerminkan kontrasnya public persona gue dan band gue sehubungan dengan pertanyaan: "Kok Sajama Cut berubah-rubah terus sih musiknya?" Don't limit your love, that's what I say. Lastly, I hope this song will let people know how to approach your love for music to as opposed to listening to what the white jeans-ed guy next to them - or SPIN (Yuhhccc) or maximumrocknroll or RS or whatever is telling them to. It's fascist-lite, I know, but yeah...


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