Rock-n-Roll Wonderland Named JavaRockin’Land

Yes, the biggest rock festival in South East Asia is back! Last year they brought relatively big names—and attracted almost 50,000 people—such as Mr. Big, Mew, Third Eye Blind, Secondhand Serenade, etc; in 2010 this Gudang Garam-sponsored event will present even bigger calibres: Smashing Pumpkins, Stereophonics, Arkarna, Mutemath, Datarock, Di-rect, etc.

The venue is at Carnaval Beach, Ancol, same as last year. The tickets can already be purchased. The normal price for a day event is Rp 320.000, while the 3-day pass is Rp 760.000. There will also be a camp site which public can rent tents to stay in.

The confirmed schedule for the international bands so far is: Smashing Pumpkins & Datarock on Friday, October 8; Stereophonics, Galaxy 7 and Arkarna on Saturday, October 9; and Mutemath + Di-rect on Sunday, October 10.

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