Sepucuk Ode Buat Kota

*For Indonesian version please click hereBangkutaman, the indiepop veteran has just released Ode Buat Kota under the label Jangan Marah Records. This is their second full-length album, 7 years after the first one, Love Among The Ruins. This group originally are from Jakarta. But they started their career when they went to university in Yogya. The name Bangkutaman taken from a place in their University in Yogyakarta where they used to write poems and talk to each other, to sharing their musical interests. Their brilliant reputation came not only from their well-written songs, but also their intense spirit of Do-It-Yourself, which is quite abnormal for a pop band to adopt---and force---into this underground ethos. With its current formation, J. Irwin (guitar), W. Nugroho (vocal, bass, harmonica), D. Eryanto (drum), the band sing about the dynamics of the city, the business-as-usual of Jakarta life, and how they adapt the new chapter: the natural transformation from being university students to 9-to-5 people. Don't miss their performance in Kick Andy, Metro TV, October 1st, 9.30 PM Jakarta time. Or visit their Facebook page by writing "bangkutaman" in its "search" column.


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