Maroon 5, Presale Tickets & the Power of Twitter

Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniLike it or not, you have to agree with the power of Twitter---or social network, at least. Look what happened with Maroon 5. They are scheduled to play in Jakarta on April 27, 2011. Java Musikindo, the promoter, started promoting the concert a month ago and opened the sale of presale tickets on Sunday, Dec 5; although the information about the presale tickets day was only published on Twitter and a few big banners ads, the 6000 tickets were sold out in less than 10 hours! A similar thing happened a few months earlier, Java Musikindo sold presale tickets of Pitbull, and 4,400 of them sold out in less than 24 hours. As with Maroon 5, Java Musikindo only promoted the presale tickets via Twitter, and it worked really well. Who would've thought that Pitbull would get that awesome response from the public? Java Musikindo is also using this strategy for the upcoming Deftones gig, scheduled to play in Jakarta on Feb 8. Their presale tickets were sold on Nov 27, a few months before the gig. Although no proper data is published as to how many tickets were sold, if we look from the Twitter time line obviously the Deftones concert has created a lot of hype on that web platform. Earlier in October, JavaRockin'Land already proved how effective this Twitter marketing can be. By creating its own account which people can follow and know what's going on minute by minute with JavaRockin'Land (e.g. are Smashing Pumpkins confirmed to play? When are the presale tickets on sale?). The gig itself ended up a massive success: Almost 50,000 people came to witness the biggest rock concert in South East Asia. Maybe not all because of Twitter, but there's no doubt that Twitter played a major role here. Yes mister, the super power of Twitter!


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