Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: TAUFIQ RAHMAN

Edition: Wednesday, February 16, 2011Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: TAUFIQ RAHMANIn Defense of Underdog:: Playlist, photos, intro, and song descriptions, handpicked and written by Taufiq himself :: I have never become a number one. And it is easy to see myself as a member of some kind of underdog club, people who just muddle through in life without any aspiration to be bigger than what they are, a state of mind that allows me to live with only little amount of pressure. Enough about myself! My championing of underachiever makes it easy to connect with bands who throughout their existence never achieve even a modicum of success---who never had a number one hit at the Billboard Chart or MTV videos. I hate to use this word, but these are some of the most "underrated" bands, who without the pressure of having to achieve success, could produce lasting work of art. These are music from bands that are spoken in hushed tones and knowing wink from people who are willing to look away from the screen, pages of Rolling Stone or the syndicated FM dial. Having said that, pardon my deliberate omission of The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Metallica or even The Strokes. Everybody else has put them on almost any list, so why bother?


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