Jeruji: Menolak Mati, Menohok dengan Warlock

versi Indonesia silakan klik di siniAfter six year without releasing an album, the hardcore veterans Jeruji are finally back with their newest creation, Warlock. Consisting of 13 songs, this Bandung outfit still as heavy and non-compromise as ever: aggressive, in your face, anti war, so strongly against injustice. In this latest work, Themfuck (vocal, mastermind), is supported by Sani (drums), Aleandre (guitar) and Pengex (bass). The addition of Aleandre (also a member of Full Of Hate) and Pengex (still official personnel of Take A Stand), make Jeruji even more solid and colorful, with a more New York/old school hardcore feel. If you are into heavy protest music, this charismatic and very respected band from Bandung will be right up your street. Stay connected with them and join their Facebook page (search: Jeruji). Or simply turn on your radio.


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