Tonite! 38 (Infamous) Punk Rock & New Anthems!

Tonite! Wednesday, March 23, 2011; 8-10 PM38 (Infamous) Punk Rock and New Wave Anthems You Must Hear Before You DieIn case you kiddos don't know or easily amazed by Fat Mike cheap talks and still think the owner of Atticus clothing label---what's his name again---is the 3-chords prophet, well, you must listen carefully to this playlist. These songs, most of them, are in the category of "not widely popular but uber influential" among Punk Rock and New Wave scene. These are kickass anthems you must hear before you die. Oh, first thing first: give away your Macbeth shoes to your lovely punk wannabe little brother, and you, put back on your Doc Martens. Show some respect to Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. ♬ ♪ Radio streaming live ♫ ♬


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