Tonite! Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: PHIL MIMBIMI

Edition: May 25, 2011Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: PHIL MIMBIMIKitchen Sink Harmony - The Songs of the Cooking Doctor, the Artist Formerly Known as "a Darling Culinarian" aka Chef PM:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, written and handpicked by Phil Himself :: Music is like a form of self expression. I’m a big fan of art, creativity, entertainment. In my line of work I really appreciate and respect musicians as they express themselves uniquely in their own way driven by passion and inspiration. I apply this same form of creative drive when I’m in the kitchen cooking. Music is so emotional and it's fun to listen to. I enjoy almost all kinds of music because its about people. It's the same way I cook, almost every ingredient I enjoy working with and cooking to serve people to eat one of the most basic forms of human needs. Music inspires people to move, groove, dance, and be happy. I put together this playlist of just songs that come from memories of mine throughout my own personal experiences and journeys. It's a wide range of artists, musicians, and performers that are all over the spectrum. Hope there is something in here that everyone can enjoy. ♬♪ Radio streaming live ♫♩♪


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