JRX: Punk Rock Prince Charming

Born and bred in Kuta, this thirtysomething artist is apparently one of the hottest dudes in social media---he has more than a hundred thousand followers on Twitter. Not to mention his band (he's the drummer), "Superman Is Dead", who have almost two and a half million fans on Facebook (!). Ari Astina a.k.a. JRX (read: Jerinx), also has a side project, a band called "Devil Dice". They just released their debut (major-label) album, titled Army of the Black Rose. The recent rocket-speed rise in his personal popularity is believed to be due to the fact that not only does he have a pivotal role in two ultra cool bands, but also a very colorful personality: smiley, smart (he was one of the first community leaders in Bali to take up the environmental cause), yet badass. These days you can surely spot his profile regularly in national media, including TV.


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