Sir Dandy: Satria Bengal Bergitar

・Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniThe frontman of loud, noisy, anarchistic band Teenage Death Star, Sir Dandy Harrington, has made another brave move, publishing a solo album called Lesson # 1. What makes this so brave is the fact that Sir Dandy has known to play guitar for only three years. Sir Dandy has said that the creation of the album, which was released through Organic Records and produced by Widi Puradiredja, was like passing a national exam after three years of study. Offering "Jakarta Motor City" as his first formal single, on the heels of the free-for-download "Juara Dunia", all the compositions on Lesson #1 are folk-based. The lyrics are blunt, spontaneous, in-your-face, funny, urban, simple, light, and a bit nihilistic. Sir Dandy is not worried about his singing. He says that even his voice is sometimes discordant, at least he's brutally honest and original. For further online info about Sir Dandy go check


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