The Experience Brothers: Killer Eye Contact

The city of Bekasi has never been much known for its musical talent, that is, with the possible exception of The Experience Brothers. The rocking' duo are currently playing to packed audiences all over the place, not to mention having a new album out there. After forming as a trio in 2001 and recording their first album in 2008 called Summer of Love, they decided to change the lineup to a duo, featuring Ibrahim Saladdin as the lead vocalist and guitarist, and Daud Sarassin in charge of drums and backing vocal. In 2011 they finally released their new album, Eye Contact, with the track "She's Alright" as their first single. They call their mix of Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin and raw today's music as "modern psychedelic rock blues". If you're still not convinced, check them out first on MySpace and join their Facebook page, or try to catch one of their frequent live gigs around town.


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