Fight Night and Fever to Tell

Here's one brand new band people should watch: Fever To Tell. Formed in early 2010 in Jakarta the group with unique formation, four women one men, has received praise for their dynamic live performance. Mixing Riot Grrrl 90's rock—think Bikini Kill—and add 80's new wave to its element, their first single "Fight Night" gained huge attention from the indie scene and music journalists. Trax FM and OZ Radio Jakarta have played it quite intensively. It's also used as the main theme song for a short movie, Peron, which is in Belkibolang's compilation. Not to mention one cool radio program, Substereo in OZ Radio Jakarta, named them as "The Chosen One". As new kids on the block, they have been invited to some prestigious live gigs in the capital city of Indonesia such as JavaRockin'Land, Terusik Traxkustik and The Music Network Festival. Fever To Tell is now compiling material to be included in their first E.P. The band is planning to start recording in January 2012. Keep yourself updated by visiting their website



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