Some people think that after the departure of Carlos D in 2010, Interpol, New York’s sharpest-dressed miserabilists, the modern-day equivalent of Duran Duran’s empty-headed brilliance, would pretty much collapsed.

Those pessimists, they’re all wrong. Screw them.

El Pintor, the first album without the enigmatic bass player, proved they are still as glam-gloomy and gorgeous AF.

The music video here is the lead single from El Pintor (“the painter” in Spanish, also anagram of the band). I can say this is one of Interpol’s masterpiece. It’s like The Cure, it doesn’t matter how full-speed the beat is, how energetic the song sounds, you can still feel, it’s a sad anthem. Thanks to Paul Bank’s mean, moody, and melancholy baritones.

I couldn’t find on the internet the story behind “All the Rage Back Home”. But to me it feels like a bad → beautiful → bad → beautiful → bad → bad break up. And Daniel Kessler’s passionate please-God-help-me-I’m-in-pain guitar melodies creates even more sadness.

I keep falling, maybe half the time, maybe half the time
I keep falling, maybe half the time, maybe half the time…

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