Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: DJUNDI PRAKASHA

Edition: October 19, 2011

Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: DJUNDI PRAKASHA
U2 and I: My U224

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, handpicked and written by Djundi Himself ::

It was the Live Aid concert 1985 which started my love for this band. It wasn’t the first time that I had heard about U2, but it was this show that made me fall in love with this group from Ireland.

Craziness, that is how some people may describe my love of this band, but this love and craziness which I have is only the start of it. Because of my love of this band I have travelled almost around the world just to see their shows. Up to now I have seen U2 16 times since my first show in Stuttgart in 1993 to my last time in Perth 2010. The last six shows were in my playground: the front row of the concert.

Chicago in 2005, the Vertigo tour was like a blessing to me, a true gift. I am not saying that I am ungrateful for all the other times I have seen them but at this show I got the chance to get my picture taken with Bono. From what I remember, I shouted to him, “Bono, please can I have my picture taken with you. I am your fan from Indonesia and have come to Chicago just to celebrate your birthday.” I hadn’t noticed but Bono was looking at me and said “Really? Sure. Here.” Damn, I was speechless after that moment. It was a dream come true after all the years and miles of following them. I am also on the DVD deluxe version of this concert—even if only for a second and you have to press pause to find me but, hey, I was there in U2 DVD history!

Still the Vertigo tour 2006 and I was in Melbourne. I got the chance to shake hands with all of the band and got all their signatures on my U218 deluxe album also I got the chance to have a photo with the founding father of U2, Larry Mullen Jr.

In Perth, December 2010, I think I was the only one who got a setlist from both nights and also got a photograph with the U2 stage manager Rocko Reddy.

If I start talking about my U2 collection it will be a very long story. Instead just come to my U2 bar in Bandung and let me tell you and show you some of my U2 collection.

My love of U2 doesn’t just stop at collecting and going to shows but also in seeing locations connected to them. I have been to Dublin twice and stayed a night in the Clarence hotel (own by Bono and the Edge). I took photos outside of Bono’s and Larry’s houses. I would like to see more than just the sites in Dublin though, places such as Eze, The Million Dollar Hotel and Sun Studio etc……

Here we are – this is my U2 play list, to all of you who love U2, or doesn’t.

The Playlist:

01. Amazing Grace/Where the Streets Have No Name
The best live version ever, mutliple orgasms every time I hear this song…
Album: U2duals/Year released: 2010

02. Mercy
Left over from the How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb album, played 10 times during the 360 tour in 2010. And the one live version from Brussels is my choice…
Wide Awake in Europe/2010

03. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight [remix version]
Live from Croke Park, Dublin, most U2 fans love this version…
Artificial Horizon/2010

04. Ultraviolet
Always amazed for mostly U2 fans: hanging mic and laser jacket, that’s the reason why.
If I have to choose between this and “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” I would definitely choose this one.
I choose this Milan version just because the best live sound so far as I remember.
360° Tour 1st leg: Europe, San Siro, Milan, Italy/2009

05. Magnificent [edit version]
2nd single from No Line on the Horizon album—got a lot of remix version. I choose this edit version. Either the single or heard live this song is always  something special…
No Line on the Horizon/2009

06. Yahweh
1x take while recorded..I love the way Bono talks about God in this song..
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb/2004

07. White As Snow
Taken from NLOTH album. Telling a story of an Afghanistani dying soldier.
No Line On the Horizon/2009

08.Walk On [single]
Like an hallelujah, full of spirit or to listen to when you lose your spirit.
All That You Can Leave Behind/2000

09. Exit
SUPERB!! I love this song! One of the powerful song. Bono once said, “This song is about a religious man who becomes a very dangerous man when he couldn’t work out the mystery in the hands of love…”
The Joshua Tree/1987

10. Heartland
True Memphis rock and roll Elvis! I love this video!
Rattle and Hum/1988

11. 40
The best closing song in a concert EVER…

12. Grace
A tribute to womankind…
All That You Can’t Leave Behind/2000

13. Drowning Man
One of my favourite U2 love songs…

14. Running to Standstill
Full of emotion especially Zoo TV Tour 1993…
The Joshue Tree/1987

15. Bad
If 1000 U2 fans had to choose 5 U2 songs, I bet they would choose this song. “Bad” is one of the best live song ever. The last time I heard this live was in Melbourne 2006.
The Unforgettable Fire/1984

16. Kite
“I know this is not goodbye.” I remember this song was closing song in Melbourne 2006 and Bono released the kite. This is going to be my funeral song.
All That You Can’t Leave Behind/2000

17. Love Is Blindness
Some people thought this song was about the Berlin Wall and others think it is about The Edge and the hard times he had in his marriage and preferring music to his family. The mood created for anyone who listens to this song is one which is dark and sensual.
Achtung Baby/1991

18. Miracle Drug
Whether hearing this life or not still always great to hear..
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb/2004

19. Moment of Surrender
Looking at Bono down on his knees and it looked like he was crying.
No Line on the Horizon/2009

20. Unknown Caller
A beautiful song of worship portraying an intimate experience with God.
No Line on the Horizon/2009

21. Hawkmoon 269
One of the best U2’s love song ever written. Lost counting how many “love” in this song. Amazed by Larry’s drumming and gospel choir singing. Organ by Bob Dylan.
Rattle and Hum/1988

22. With Or Without You
Who doesn’t know about this song. But my choice is not from album. I love this “the shine like stars” version.
The Joshua Tree/1987

23. All I Want Is You
It is the anthem of my life and love.
Rattle and Hum/1988

24. I Believe In Father Christmas
My favourite U2 Christmas song, their version of the Greg Lake song. Released while World Aids Day.
U2/Red Campaign/2008

Enjoy this U224 songs, my 2 hours set of U2 songs. With or without you, this is me with my U2 soundtracks of my life.

Love and Peace or Else.


Djundi might be the biggest, die-hardest, a crazed lunatic, U2 fan is Southeast Asia. Well, Indonesia, at least.


♫ Download the whole playlist here

Upcoming shows/exhibitions*:
– Oct 26 | Exhibition: Wening Gitomartoyo (Rolling Stone mag – editorial staff)
– Nov 02 | Exhibition: Josh Howard (The Yak mag – marketing development)
And more exhibitions by Tony Tandun, Anto Arief, Adi Cumi, Ricky Surya Virgana, Tony Trax, Doni Iblis, Kas, Misty Dian, Saleh Husein, and more.

See y’all again next Wednesday!

Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-boned,
*subject to change

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Curator: Rudolf Dethu
Every Wednesday, 8 – 10 PM
The Beat Radio Plus – Bali, 98.5 FM

120 minutes of cock-melting tunes.
No bullcrap.
Zero horse shit.
Rad-ass rebel without a pause.

Shut up and slamdance!

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