Randy Salim exhibits some monstrous riffs, beats that make you want to commit physical assault, vocals that defy medical logic, lyrics written with middle fingers permanently pointing skywardall the forces that drive you to pump your fist, bang your head, air drum maniacally and air guitar like the biggest fucking retard on the planet.

Wham! Bang! You’re Dead, Man!: Soundtracks of Last-Kiss Goodbye

Today is the 1st anniversary of BlokRokinBeats. Each and every person who participated/doing exhibition before, was asked to pick one song with special theme: a track that they would use for their funeral, soundtrack of their last-kiss goodbye, song to overdose to, farewell-and-wish-you-well (or hell), a solid calibre of “danse macabre”.

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: REBEKAH E. MOORE

Edition: November 30, 2011

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: REBEKAH E. MOORE
Rock For Our Rights: The Planets Rarest and Most Radical Protest Songs

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, handpicked and written by Bekah herself ::

This stage has no podium. These musicians are not politicians, news reporters, or educators. They are Indonesian citizens who share, with those in the pit tonight, a concern for justice. This rock concert is a demonstration: a loud, emotion-filled rally for honesty and equality. The dissenters do not move forward, marching in unison. They move in danceamoshing, head banging, grasping compatriots, and singing, in unison, songs that unite them and give poetic shape to a deep longing for something better, for one and all…

I found these words in my research journal in 2010, written shortly after accompanying Bali-based grunge/psychedelic rock band Navicula on a tour to Jakarta to launch their latest single, “Metropolutan” (Metro-pollutant). One week earlier, the song was released for free download on the Internet.

“Metropolutan” marked the band’s latest critique of environmental degradation in Indonesia, a response to the pollution crisis in the nation’s capital. Each night of the tour, hundreds of Navicula fans crammed into Jakarta venues and sang this song collaboratively, having memorized the lyrics after just a few days of repeated listening.

As an ethnomusicologist, I came to Indonesia to study the development of the independent music industry in Bali following the 2002 bombings. But that tour, and my many other encounters with music activism in Indonesia and throughout my career have led me to a preoccupation with music as it debates and defines social justice.

For my installation in this Rock-n-Roll Exhibition, I present just a handful of the many protest songs I’ve encountered over the years and across nations. I exclude such distinguished artists as Rage Against The Machine or Bob Marley, as well as a number of definitive protest anthems, from Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin’ On” to Phil Ochs’ “I Ain’t Marching Anymore,” despite my immense respect for these artists and anthems. Rather than revisiting the familiar classics (though I still sneak in a few favorites), I opt to explore a selection of artists—diverse in their styles, origins, and social concerns—who may be lesser known, and whose lyrical themes or personal activism has tantalized and scandalized their respective nations.

In the mushrooming heat of global activism in which we find ourselves today—the fire that started on Tahrir Square and spread to Wall Street now burns in the hearts of rebels throughout this very nation—these real radicals of rock demonstrate that change begins with a brave and loud few. These musicians, I contend, uphold the highest standards of human rights and our greatest hope that, in Sam Cooke’s prophetic words, “a change is gonna come.”

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Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: MISTY DIAN

Edition: November 09, 2011

Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: MISTY DIAN
Basslines and Vibes

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, handpicked and written by Misty herself ::

This playlist is a tribute to people from my old suburban neighborhood, the kind of neighborhood in which the Top 40 music reigned and where I thought the boot-legged albums of Prince were the ultimate score until the people I now call my friends made me listen to their Walkman or borrowed me their tapes.

These friends, my homeys, took me to out of the suburbs and brought me to the city’s obscure churches that turned into dope bass pumping B-Boy Extravaganzas, followed by Bassline parties and numerous accounts of impromptu events and performances. They introduced me to sounds that inexplicably made sense to my head and body. There were these sick beats that made people act like a cursing hustler swinging his gats or a spliff smoking brother admiring the booty and whatever person in between those two. And the rhymes, the brilliant rhymes, made people bob their heads all the way through, in whatever act they’re at.

I was totally sold, wrapped and I never returned.

I cherish my Top 40 music because it landmarks certain episodes of the past. But the music on this list is more than just a categorical device. It’s not just an important reminder of the good days of way back then, but it’s also my important ingredient for having a good time, period. This list is a timeless device and I have my homeys to thank for that.

What I’m trying to capture in this list is the great time we had in discovering one sick beat after another. Like most playlists, it is that trip down memory lane, it is that mini autobiography, and it is the place of giving credit where credit is due. This list isn’t coming from an expert and you won’t find any rare or unknown artist in it, but you’ll hopefully feel the gratefulness I have for the experts who allowed me to have a taste of their expertise in discovering all these amazing beats. I’m bowing down, oh great ones, and I’m forever thirsty and hungry for more of your discoveries.

…Deeply grateful to Rudolf for having me in this exhibition!

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Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: WENING GITOMARTOYO

Edition: October 19, 2011

Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: WENING GITOMARTOYO
Best Days

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, handpicked and written by Wening herself ::


Pertama-tama, terima kasih untuk yang tersohor Rudolf Dethu atas undangannya untuk membuat pameran musik ini. Saya kerap merasa gugup saat membuat playlist atau mixtape/CD, karena pasti saya akan berlaku ceroboh alias ada saja yang terselip atau malah menyertakan lagu yang nantinya saya sesali. Berhubung saya sudah jarang membuat mixtape/CD untuk kawan-kawan, ini saya buat untuk (ceritanya) kawan baru alias sebagai sarana berkenalan sekaligus untuk kawan lama. Kurang lebih inilah lagu-lagu dalam keseharian saya, yang membuat saya menangis, terkagum-kagum, sampai bergoyang halus di balik meja kantor. Ada beberapa nama kegemaran yang tak tercantum, seperti Cocteau Twins atau David Gates, tapi tak menyebutkan bukan berarti tak mencintai (walau bukan lantas berarti saya suka Nicki Minaj). Semoga menikmati.

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Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: DJUNDI PRAKASHA

Edition: October 19, 2011

Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: DJUNDI PRAKASHA
U2 and I: My U224

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, handpicked and written by Djundi Himself ::

It was the Live Aid concert 1985 which started my love for this band. It wasn’t the first time that I had heard about U2, but it was this show that made me fall in love with this group from Ireland.

Craziness, that is how some people may describe my love of this band, but this love and craziness which I have is only the start of it. Because of my love of this band I have travelled almost around the world just to see their shows. Up to now I have seen U2 16 times since my first show in Stuttgart in 1993 to my last time in Perth 2010. The last six shows were in my playground: the front row of the concert.

Chicago in 2005, the Vertigo tour was like a blessing to me, a true gift. I am not saying that I am ungrateful for all the other times I have seen them but at this show I got the chance to get my picture taken with Bono. From what I remember, I shouted to him, “Bono, please can I have my picture taken with you. I am your fan from Indonesia and have come to Chicago just to celebrate your birthday.” I hadn’t noticed but Bono was looking at me and said “Really? Sure. Here.” Damn, I was speechless after that moment. It was a dream come true after all the years and miles of following them. I am also on the DVD deluxe version of this concert—even if only for a second and you have to press pause to find me but, hey, I was there in U2 DVD history!

Still the Vertigo tour 2006 and I was in Melbourne. I got the chance to shake hands with all of the band and got all their signatures on my U218 deluxe album alsoAI got the chance to have a photo with the founding father of U2, Larry Mullen Jr.

In Perth, December 2010, I think I was the only one who got a setlist from both nights and also got a photograph with the U2 stage manager Rocko Reddy.

If I start talking about my U2 collection it will be a very long story. Instead just come to my U2 bar in Bandung and let me tell you and show you some of my U2 collection.

My love of U2 doesn’t just stop at collecting and going to shows but also in seeing locations connected to them. I have been to Dublin twice and stayed a night in the Clarence hotel (own by Bono and the Edge). I took photos outside of Bono’s and Larry’s houses. I would like to see more than just the sites in Dublin though, places such as Eze, The Million Dollar Hotel and Sun Studio etc……

Here we are – this is my U2 play list, to all of you who love U2, or doesn’t.

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Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: WOK THE ROCK

Edition: September 21, 2011

Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: WOK THE ROCK
Payudara, Wiski dan Ganja

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, handpicked and written by Wok The Rock Himself ::

Playlist yang saya susun dalam pameran ini mengacu pada 3 seri mixtape yang pernah saya kerjakan 2 tahun yang lalu, yaitu seri All The Young Cult. Seri tersebut bisa anda unduh di Tema dalam seri ini merupakan lagu-lagu yang saya gemari saat menenggak alkohol dan menghisap ganja. Lagu-lagu yang menurut saya memiliki nuansa erotis, sensual, ritmis, hipnotik, liar bahkan syahdu. Ada yang bising dan kasar, ada pula yang mendayu dan mengiris perasaan. Bagi orang lain nuansa dan sensasinya akan berbeda, baik dalam pengaruh alkohol dan mariyuana atau “sadar” (berat menyebut keadaan saat tidak mabuk/giting sebagai kondisi sadar). Bagi pendengar yang doyan miras dan mariyuana, sangat disarankan anda menenggak dan menghisapnya sambil mendengarkan pameran seni suara ini.

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Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: RIO FARABI

Edition: September 14, 2011

Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: RIO FARABI
My Evergreen

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, handpicked and written by Rio Himself ::

Yak, inilah 32 lagu “Evergreen” versi saya. Sebenernya saya juga masih bingung apa arti pasti dari lagu Evergreen. Sebenernya faktor apa yang membuat lagu layak disebut lagu Evergreen?

Kalau dilihat dari kata-katanya, Evergreen berarti selalu hijau. Mungkin maksudnya adalah lagu-lagu yang ga bakal pudar, selalu hijau di hati atau ringkasnya adalah lagu yang abadi. And most of them came from pop/ballad genre, genre yang memang mudah diterima oleh kebanyakan orang. Karena saking populernya, maka lagu ini “wajib” masuk kedalam album kompilasi lagu-lagu Evergreen versi record label tertentu. Evergreen mungkin juga berarti lagu ini bakal tetep laku di tahun-tahun mendatang, apalagi kalo penyanyi aslinya udah meninggal, maka penyanyi baru yang menyanyikan lagu itu hampir dipastikan akan melejit juga. Sepertinya kata Evergreen ini mulai ada di tahun 70an akhir. Begitulah kira-kira analisa dangkal saya soal Evergreen ini.

Tapi faktor-faktor tersebut ga berlaku buat playlist Evergreen saya. Lagu-lagu Evergreen versi saya ini lebih personal, punya memori spesial karena berkaitan erat dengan kejadian-kejadian “penting” dalam hidup saya, soundtrack dari berbagai fragmen hidup saya, lagu-lagu yang menemani saya tumbuh besar, ataupun lagu yang memiliki nilai estetis sedikit lebih banyak dibanding lagu-lagu lainnya di kuping saya. Dan pasti lagu-lagu ini bakal tetep hijau dihati, tetep enak didengerin kapan pun. Tetep abadi walaupun ratusan single terbaru dari puluhan bahkan ratusan band muncul.

Terima kasih buat Brocuk Rudolf Dethu yang mengundang saya untuk berpameran di The Block Rockin’ Beats ini. Sebuah kehormatan untuk bisa “berbagi” di blog yang super keren ini.

Okeh, inilah playlist saya. Selamat menikmati dan bersulang!

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Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: KARTIKA JAHJA

Edition: September 07, 2011

Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: KARTIKA JAHJA
PMS – Pre Meanstrual Soundtracks

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, handpicked and written by Tika Herself ::

It’s that time of the month and my sneaky hormones have came out to party. Armed with a rusty shopping cart, they tie me down inside it and push it down a hill.

Not knowing what I’m gonna hit, I just embrace all the amplified feelings that came and went on my ride down. From “Fuck you assholes!” to “Fuck me, baby.” From “Leave me alone,” to “I’m so lonely.” From “I’m a bad ass bitch,” to “I’m a fat ass bitch.” From “Please make this stop” to the comforting whisper saying “this too shall pass”.

So just like my mood during PMS, this soundtrack swings from genre to genre, theme to theme, and era to era. You can’t judge a woman by her PMS behavior, just as you can’t to judge my taste in music from this playlist. Stop thinking, curl up in your bed and enjoy the songs

♫ Radio streaming live 8-10 PM (Bali time)

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: ARDY CHAMBERS

Tonite! April 27, 2011

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: ARDY CHAMBERS
33 Sounds Outta 33 Degree Celcius City

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and (most) photos, written and handpicked by Ardy Himself ::

…Pertama akrab dan mencintai lagu-lagu tertentu berawal sejak SMP, sekitar tahun 1994. Tidak terlalu tua dan tidak terlalu muda mengenal kalangan pemusik tanah air dan dunia. Berada dan tinggal di Makassar dengan cuaca panas dengan suhu rata-rata 33 derajat celcius, mungkin lebih panas dari kota-kota lainnya di Indonesia, menjadikan rutinitas orang-orang begitu monoton, cenderung jadi followers dan konsumtif. Tidak banyak informasi lebih bisa didapatkan. Tidak banyak ketemu orang bisa berbagi informasi dan wawasan, kecuali saya tetap giat belajar di sekolah dan mencoba mencari koneksi/korespondensi keluar Makassar. Akhirnya beruntung dikaruniai passion independen dan mencoba mempopulerkan musik dan fashionnya yang saat itu masih asing di kalangan Makassar…

Karena pengaruh informasi lokal, awalnya saya lebih banyak dengar dan suka artis/band rock lokal seperti God Bless, Edane, Roxx, Boomerang, Slank, Power Metal, Pas, Puppen, Koil. Bahkan hampir semua deretan lagu dan album mereka tidak terlewatkan, walaupun sebagian besar saya dapatkan bukan di saat mereka rilis. Intinya saya mengakui, dari awal banyak menyukai artis/band lokal hingga saat ini apalagi dengan kemunculan Burgerkill, Seringai, The Upstairs, Efek Rumah Kaca, Komunal, Kelelawar Malam, dan deretan band lokal berkualitas lainnya.

Karena pengaruh internet yang mulai merambah pada akhir tahun 1997 dan keberhasilan saya terhadap korespondensi luar, menjadikan saya lebih banyak lagi mengenal katalog artis/band luar. Dan lagi-lagi diketemukan deretan artis/band rock khususnya heavy metal hingga hardcore punk. Bahkan ke subgenre rock yang lain nan modern.

Dan passion tersebut menjadikan saya merasa sebagai masyarakat Indonesia yang kebetulan tinggal di Timur bahkan merasa sebagai masyarakat dunia yang kebetulan tinggal di Indonesia.

Berikut playlist (sesuai tahun rilis) saya buat lebih variatif, sengaja saya pilih khusus lagu luar yang dari awal membuat sensasi, penasaran, dan kesenangan buat saya dan mengarahkan saya ke jalur seperti saat ini dan bahkan bisa mempertemukan saya sebagian diantara mereka. Mari nikmati!

Oh, terima kasih kepada saudara R. Dethu, pendiri dan kurator Rock-n-Roll Exhibition, yang turut memilih saya untuk menampilkan playlist, dimana nanti akan disebarluaskan ke orang-orang yang dianggap kredibel dan kompeten soal musik. Proud!

Radio streaming live

Queens of Noise and Riot Grrrl: Yesterday and Today

Di edisi BlokRokinBeats kali ini saya bawakan tema emansipasi perempuan di blantika berkesenian–utamanya musik rock—serta saya bagi menjadi dua: era para pionir (Queens of Noise) dan masa generasi penerus (Riot Grrrl).

Agar punya gambaran lebih lengkap, saya pilihkan tembang dari artis-artis yang baik secara langsung memang terlibat di skena Riot Grrrl macam Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, Team Dresch, dan Heavens to Betsy; juga kumpulan seniman perempuan yang masif menginspirasi gerakan persamaan derajat di Rock-n-Roll semisal Suzi Quatro, Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Poly Styrene (X-Ray Spex), The Slits, Exene Cervenka (X), Wendy O Williams, Joan Jett, pula Lita Ford; serta sosok-sosok wanita yang walau tak terkait langsung dengan fenomena Riot Grrrl namun tersimak punya peran menonjol, kental kesan pemberontak, in-your-face, bingar lagi bising, di blantika musik seperti Peaches, Brody Dalle (The Distillers), Lesbians On Ecstasy, Kittie, Le Tigre, Shonen Knife, plus lainnya.

A movement formed by a handful of girls who felt empowered, who were angry, hilarious, and extreme through and for each other. Built on the floors of strangers’ living rooms, tops of Xerox machines, snail mail, word of mouth and mixtapes, riot grrrl reinvented punk
– Beth Ditto

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