Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: KARTIKA JAHJA

Edition: September 07, 2011Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: KARTIKA JAHJAPMS - Pre Meanstrual Soundtracks:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, handpicked and written by Tika Herself :: It's that time of the month and my sneaky hormones have came out to party. Armed with a rusty shopping cart, they tie me down inside it and push it down a hill. Not knowing what I'm gonna hit, I just embrace all the amplified feelings that came and went on my ride down. From "Fuck you assholes!" to "Fuck me, baby." From "Leave me alone," to "I'm so lonely." From "I'm a bad ass bitch," to "I'm a fat ass bitch." From "Please make this stop" to the comforting whisper saying "this too shall pass". So just like my mood during PMS, this soundtrack swings from genre to genre, theme to theme, and era to era. You can't judge a woman by her PMS behavior, just as you can't to judge my taste in music from this playlist. Stop thinking, curl up in your bed and enjoy the songs ♫ Radio streaming live 8-10 PM (Bali time)


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