Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: KARTIKA JAHJA

Edition: September 07, 2011

Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: KARTIKA JAHJA
PMS – Pre Meanstrual Soundtracks

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, handpicked and written by Tika Herself ::

It’s that time of the month and my sneaky hormones have came out to party. Armed with a rusty shopping cart, they tie me down inside it and push it down a hill.

Not knowing what I’m gonna hit, I just embrace all the amplified feelings that came and went on my ride down. From “Fuck you assholes!” to “Fuck me, baby.” From “Leave me alone,” to “I’m so lonely.” From “I’m a bad ass bitch,” to “I’m a fat ass bitch.” From “Please make this stop” to the comforting whisper saying “this too shall pass”.

So just like my mood during PMS, this soundtrack swings from genre to genre, theme to theme, and era to era. You can’t judge a woman by her PMS behavior, just as you can’t to judge my taste in music from this playlist. Stop thinking, curl up in your bed and enjoy the songs

The Playlist:

01. Wild Is The Wind – Nina Simone
Okay, here comes the storm and it’s gonna get wild. I’m fastening my seatbelt but, uh oh, the seatbelt’s broken.
Nina Simone at Town Hall/1959

02. Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon – Urge Overkill
Because no girl can escape the blessings and the curse of being a woman.
Pulp Fiction OST/1994

03. Small Blue Thing – Suzanne Vega
Ever felt like you’re shrinking like a penis in an ice bath? Here’s song for those moments written by one of the best lyricist of our time.
Suzanne Vega/1993

04. Bang Bang – Nancy Sinatra
Getting shot down never sounded so sexy.
How Does That Grab You/1966

05. Terbunuh Sepi – Slank
At first I wanted to be alone, but then I listen to this song and alone becomes lonely.
Generasi Biru/1994

06. How to Fight Loneliness – Wilco
Wilco teaches me to fake it till I make it
Summer Teeth/1999

07. Limp – Fiona Apple
PMS without Fiona Apple? Please…
When the Pawn/1999

08. Too Tough To Die – Martina Topley Bird
Best song to listen to when you’re limping a bit in life. This is what I play before every one of my boxing matches (for real!) to toughen up.

09. Swing Blade – Jean Grae & Cannibal Ox
Listening to Jean Grae always make me wish I could rap. She’s one of those artist whom the term ‘female MC’ doesn’t apply to. She’s just a straight up ill MC.

10. A Woman’s Voice – Wax Tailor
A good trip hop never lets me down. Especially one titled a woman’s voice.
Tales of the Forgotten Melody/2005

11. SEX – Nathaniel Merriweather
PMS comes with a lot of raging libido. Here’s my favorite sex song, simply titled SEX.
Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By/2001

12. Twist – Goldfrapp
While we’re on the topic of sex, let me quote a lyric from this song “Put your dirty angel face, between my legs and knickers lace.” Yes, please!
Black Cherry/2003

13. Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing – Chris Isaak
Was it really such a bad bad thing that I did? Why do I feel like crying? Go ask Isaak.
Forever Blue/1995

14. Marlenne On the Wall – Suzanne Vega
This song references Marlene Dietrich (another cool chick) who watches me from the walls when I “… tried so hard to resist when you hold me in your handsome fist”.
Suzanne Vega/1995

15. Piece of My Heart – Janis Joplin/Big Brother and the Holding Company
Note to self: Do not fall in love during PMS. Too intense. You might end up giving away a piece of your heart that you actually need.
Cheap Thrills/1968

16. # 1 Crush – Garbage
Another note to self: This is what happens when you fall in love give away a piece of your heart like Janis did. Shirley shoulda known better.
OST Romeo + Juliet/1996

17. Kiss With a Fist – Florence and the Machine
Note to my baby: Don’t pick a fight with me when I’m on my PMS. I might hurt you.

18. My Last Cigarette – K.D Lang
You had a mean fight. He left. You stay up chain smoking all night, and on your last cigarette you wonder “why the hell did I say that?”

19. Thousand Miles Away – The Heartbeats
Yes, PMS amplifies melancholia too. Thank God for Doo Wop songs, the best sappy music to accompany us at times when we’re missing our loved ones.
The Heartbeats/1957

20. Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis – Tom Waits
For when you’re wallowing in your pain, nothing rubs like sandpaper against your wound like Tom Waits’ voice does.
Blue Valentine/1978

21. Between the Bars – Madeleine Peyroux
True story. I went through some very ugly times from alcoholism and addiction, and paid the price. This cover of Elliott Smith’s song is a good reminder to not go there again.
Careless Love/2004

22. Ugly – Violent Femmes
Maybe it’s just me, but I feel hideous when I’m having PMS. Another note to self: do not listen to this song in front of a mirror during PMS. Not that I’m corny like that, but…just don’t.
Violent Femmes/1983

23. Hollywood – Angus &a Julia Stone
“I blame you Hollywood for showing me things you never should.” This line from the lyrics sums it all up.
A Book Like This/2007

24. Jakarta – The Wispy Hummers
I’ve never heard a song that hugs a city so sympathetically, since “Under the Bridge”. Here’s a dedication to the city where my love and hate holds hands.

25. Nasihat Yang Baik – Melancholic Bitch
The best advice you should listen to after a long roller coaster day, “Sleep it off”. Another good advice is to listen to this song on repeat till you fall asleep

26. Devastator – The Blood Brothers
Okay, wake up! Enough drama and self pity. Time to get angry!

27. Four Women – Nina Simone
Yes, Nina is my Goddess. And no, lets not ruin her brilliance by dissecting her music. Just scream along with me at the part where she sings “I’ll kill the first mother—I see! My life has been tough!”
Wild is the Wind/1966

28. God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Johnny Cash
“You’ve been running for a long time,” I don’t know bout you, but that piece of the lyric sounds like a wake up call to me.

29. Silampukau – Berbenah
The most uplifting simple song in my collection. An instant cure for my PMS blues

30. A Change is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke
A perfect reassurance to end this tumultuous play list.
Ain’t That Good News/1964

[Taken from Wikipedia:] Kartika Jahja—most people call her “Tika”—is known for her one of a kind character as a singer-songwriter. Her strong sultry voice combined with her unique songwriting sets her apart from most Indonesian female singers.

TIME magazine dubbed Tika as “Indonesia’s Hottest Diva”, while Rolling Stone Indonesia mentioned her as “The best Indonesian independent soloist that the country has”. The pinnacle of the year, was when TEMPO Magazine awarded her album, The Headless Songstress, as “Album of the Year 2009” and her band, Tika and The Dissident, as “2009’s Chosen Music Figure”.


♫ Download the whole playlist here

Upcoming shows/exhibitions*:
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– September 21 | Exhibition: Wok The Rock (Visual artist, founder Yes No Wave Music)
– September 28 | Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Soundtracks of Lost Loves and Heartache
And more exhibitions by Djundi Prakasa, Wening Gitomartoyo, Josh Howard, Tony Tandun, Anto Arief, Adi Cumi, Ricky Surya Virgana, Tony Trax, Doni Iblis, Aditya Surya Taruna, and more.

See y’all again next Wednesday!

Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-boned,
*subject to change

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