Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: NASTA SUTARDJO

Edition: October 13, 2010

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: NASTA SUTARDJO
90s Big Bad Boutique

:: Playlist, intro, and song descriptions, handpicked and written by Nasta Herself ::

I’m having a total revelation. Who would’ve thought you missed the 90’s so bad? I mean it literally kicks off the word “Phat” and created the hair gel “just got out of bed”, wearing tucked-in t-shirt on a bootcut jeans is fine? Those kind of ridiculousness reminds me of my good old days, skipping and got dropped out from college. Yes. I was, in fact a ruthless UI student who got kicked out after 6 month of absentee. Being a “good” apprentice that I am, determined to leave the country to, so to say, discovering British scene. And all I got was a revelation of a self righteousness and blinded me from seeing the fact that no man can ever defeat the female power.

Growing up in the 90’s is such an advantage. The decades helped form and shape my independent music taste. Growing out from the heavy metal/glam rock scene, I was a real sucker to alternative rock panorama. Then the girl band/singer scene really kicks in. It further become the gesture of my works. Did attempt to form an all girl band. Twice. Sucked on it. My salutation to all of the absolute wicked female bands/singer that rocked my cradle. The wind is blowing the other way. Channeling kinda lo-fi rock 90’s groove all the way, with a twist. From the alternative rock to shoegazing until the era of the forgotten trip hop to disco, nevermind the bollocks, here is the 90’s female band! Thanks Mr. Dethu for bring me back there!

The Playlist:

01. Rilkean Heart – Cocteau Twins
Overall it was a drag to pick one song up. How can you dismiss “Squeze Wax”, “Heaven or Las Vegas”, “Bluebird” …How can you? How can you? They are just pure beauty, the barriers of sheer melodicism. It’s just too emotional, fanatical almost. Everybody should put them on the all-time favourite hit list.

02. Tom Boy – Bettie Serveert
All you have to do is listen to one song and remembered how great this band was. Brings back that ol’ study trips memories, which was eaaakh…!

03. Insomniac – Echobelly
One of the worst video in the nineties with vocalist Sonia on wigs and Union Jack t-shirt, but surely Echobelly is one of the greatest britrock bands in the 90’s where the word “united of colours” fit nicely where there are Indian, Swede and British personalities all together in one. Ace!

04. Fade Into You – Mazzy Star
Deadly hypnotized Hope Sandoval’s masterpiece will always be in our hearts forever.

05. Time Baby III – Medicine

How stunning was Brandon Lee in The Crow? I remembered it vaguely. But this song always close to the heart. Can you hear hazily at the back, vocals on this song backed up by Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins?

06. Sour Times – Portishead
Would have a cosmic orgasm if I ever watch them live.

07. Rid of Me – PJ Harvey
One hot rockin lady with a guitar. I say, fuck Madonna.

08. De-Luxe – Lush
This band is, I think, the most underrated shoegaze band in the early 90’s. Figure it.

09. Bubble – Shampoo
They are hilarious, sell out and rocking at the same time. A real Riot Grrrrrl.

10. Kiss and Make Up – Saint Ettiene
Saint Ettiene just a class act, aren’t they? Mod meets dance culture in a light lyric. Pure classic, will always make sweet retro records, stay serene in a velocity world.

11. Moonchild – Cibo Matto
Cute. Way before Harajuku abused by hipsters.

12. Supernova – Liz Phair
Ain’t she just fine?

13. Naked Eye – Luscious Jackson
With her mesmerizing voice, you gotta give her credit! Respectively signed by one of the Beastie Boys’ records

14. Trigger Hippy – Morcheeba
Say, does Morcheeba means Marijuana?

15. Connection – Elastica

Justine Frischmann was the It girl and went out with the most beautiful Britpop star, Albarn, and had a cool haircut. At that moment she was God to me—90s, man. Plus she was responsible for the now iconic superstar, M.I.A.

16. Here’s Where the Story Ends – The Sundays
Nostalgic, reminiscences, recollection, memories, unbearable, ..missing each and every one of my girlfriends in high school!

17. Soon – Moonpool and Caterpillars

These are songs of one hit wonders that I grew up with. Everybody has this track on their mixtape. Everybody knows the lyric!

18. Awake – Letters To Cleo
Wanna do all sorts of dirty things with Kan Hanley.

19. Souvlaki Space Station – Slowdive
I remembered taking film classes and saw this video and thought, “What? I have to understand this concept?” Ok, now I get it.

20. Me as Helen of Troy – Cinnamon
Sweet soft voice singing about Trojan Heroes, gotta give them some credit.

21. Walking Wounded – Everything But The Girl
Love them to death. I reckon this is the most remixed song in the 90’s. Maybe Ben Watt have lotsa DJ friends in Notting Hill? In any case this song kicks off near end towards 2000.

22. Spin Spin Sugar – Sneaker Pimps
Holy crap, I wish we could bring back 90’s trip hop. This band could have been much more remembered if they wouldn’t have fired Mary Jane Kelly.

23. Sing It Back – Moloko
When disco starts kickin it’s way back in, Moloko was the one on the surface. She made Lady Gaga looked like an infant. For heaven’s sake, she is Roisin Murphy, God damn it!

24. Marie – Solveig Sandnes
“Marie” is definitely a one hit wonder, but without a doubt a nostalgic one. Reminded me of my year-end high school times… a spacy little girl…

25. Kiss Them for Me – Siouxsie and the Banshees

“Kiss The For Me” is one of their songs in the 90’s. Siouxsie and the Banshees made their way through 3 decades, and still at their best! (And best hair, too)

26. Spin the Bottle – Juliana Hatfield
Back when MTV had the greatest kick butt videos, this was my all time favourite. One of the best American alternative rock music. Do you just remembered Reality Bites?

27. Cannonball – The Breeders
Would it be fair if I don’t include “Cannonball” on my list? Maybe so. But we constantly covered them on a highschool prom to some house party trashing. “…on the last splash..” So, there we go!

28. Seethers – Veruca Salt
I remembered Veruca Salt’s Nina Gordon was like my iconic hero, and thought that someday I can join their band or something foolish like that. Nina Gordon. You know how crazy kids thinks in the 90’s…

29. Top of the World – Shonen Knife
Cutest Japanese rock chick alive!

30. Star – Dubstar
Classic! I cant believe i listened to a mid-tempo song, and groved with it. I mean, who’d eve guest the alternative era, right?

31. That Great Love Sound – The Raveonettes
This band just formed after the millenium, but they sure sounded 90’s. This was the hardest pick of my list. I can’t just choose one song from The Raveonettes, how could I? Just like you favorite one of your many children. Sharin Foo can sing to me anytime of the day.


Nasta played a big part in Jakarta’s independent scene especially when she owned and ran the now-defunct Parc—the Indonesian version of CBGB—a few years ago (remember the magic, maximum madness of “Monday Mayhem” and the rocking, rolling, and wrong-spelling “Thusrday Riot”?). Currently Nasta has been trying to organize a club-hopping version of “Monday Mayhem”, which got very positive response from those Parc alumnis.


» If you wanna listen to the songs, go to Big Audio Dynamite on your top right and pick the playlist. Or download the whole playlist here

Upcoming shows/exhibitions*:
– Jan 19 | Show: “Old & New: Before You Were Punk/Hardcore/Metal/Stoner/Gangster/Whatever” [week 3]
– Jan 26 | Show: “Old & New: League of Long Lost and Living Legends” [week 4]
– Feb 02 | Exhibition: Philips J. Vermonte (founder of, researcher at Centre for Strategic & International Studies)
– Feb 09 | Exhibition: Taufiq Rahman (writer, vinyl junkie)
– Feb 16 | Exhibition: Meita Kasim (writer, ex-music director of Hard Rock FM Jakarta, ex-singer of Wondergel)
– Feb 23 | Exhibition: Robin Malau (entrepreneur, Indonesia’s hardcore pioneer via Puppen)
– Mar 02 | Exhibition: Acum (asst. Managing Editor of Trax mag, vocalist of Bangkutaman)
– Mar 09 | Exhibition: Che (vocalist of Cupumanik, founder of Jeune mag)
– Mar 16 | Exhibition: Santi YZ (manager of Koil, senior acct. executive Rolling Stone Indonesia)
– Mar 23 | Exhibition: Henry Foundation (voice & programmer of Goodnight Electric)
– Mar 30 | Exhibition: oomleo (synth & voice of Goodnight Electric)
And more shows and exhibitions by Ardy Chambers, Anto Arief, Kemir, Philip Mimbimi, etc.

See y’all again next Wednesday!

Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-boned,

*subject to change

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