Southeast Asia Closeup: Indonesian Punk Rock

Emma Baulch and I, we talked to RN Drive with Waleed Aly, ABC Radio, Australia, on February 09, 2012.

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Bar Luna Lit Club – Meet Bali’s Activists

・Tuesday 31 May 8 PM
Gendo – Political/Environmental Activist
in conversation with Kartika Jahja

He will be speaking about controversial environmental issues including the impact of tourism on Bali.

・ Wednesday 1 June 8 PM
David Berman – Communications Designer & UN Advisor

He will discuss the role of designers in a changing world, focusing on ‘What role will design and designers play in delivering a positive future?’

・ Thursday 2 June 8 PM
Rudolf Dethu – Musical Activist
in conversation with Robi Navicula
+ acoustic set after the discussion with Robi and Dankie featuring Belinda Kazanci

I will be speaking about the Indonesian youth music scene and how Bali fits into this scene.

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