Propaganda, Musik, Dan Aktivisme

Rudolf Dethu adalah sosok di balik panggung dalam kesuksesan band-band asal Bali. Mulai dari Superman Is Dead sampai The Hydrant merasakan tangan dinginnya.
・Tuesday 31 May 8 PM Gendo - Political/Environmental Activist in conversation with Kartika Jahja He will be speaking about controversial environmental issues including the impact of tourism on Bali. ・ Wednesday 1 June 8 PM David Berman - Communications Designer & UN Advisor He will discuss the role of designers in a changing world, focusing on 'What role will design and designers play in delivering a positive future?' ・ Thursday 2 June 8 PM Rudolf Dethu - Musical Activist in conversation with Robi Navicula + acoustic set after the discussion with Robi and Dankie featuring Belinda Kazanci I will be speaking about the Indonesian youth music scene and how Bali fits into this scene.
by: Trisha SertoriRudolf Dethu loves music. This man who does not play an instrument breathes sound like the rest of us depend for life on oxygen. The sounds people create are what give him life. "Since I was a kid I've been interested in music," says Dethu in understatement of his passion. He was born 42 years ago, he says with an ear for music, popular culture and new directions that drew him to start a bunch of bands that were not mainstream, breaking fertile ground in the process. 'I started many bands. The first was around 1988. That was a cover band. It was a small start in music, but I felt drawn to music even though I could not play an instrument. I saw I could convince people of which were the good bands and other people started listening too," says Dethu, most widely known as first manager of punk band, Superman is Dead.Read more


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