Homegrown & Well Known: Ian Stevenson

There should've been, at minimum, 3 bands to explode from Bali: Superman Is Dead, Navicula and Kaimsasikun. The last one had sophisticated skills, cool-and-controlled performance style, and their songs are even 'poppier' sounding than the other two bands (meaning it would be easier to penetrate the Indonesian market). They even have the looks. Ian Stevenson, the frontman, is without doubt one of the greatest young musicians that Bali ever produced. He shares what went wrong with his almost-famous group and a bit about his personal life in the post-Kaimsasikun era.
He's one of those young virtuosos from Bali. Has got himself one of those more-guitar-less-talk attitudes, started his career as a metal head and once, rather reluctantly, this skinny jean wearing guy tried to taking over the mic.


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