Went to Hard Rock Cafe Bali on Wednesday, 27 March, with Sanur Cool Cats to see Tribute to Lady Gaga by Truedy.

I didn’t really follow Lady Gaga before. Till I watched The Dirt. No, wait, that’s the biopic of Mötley Crüe. I started giving a better attention to Lady Gaga after A Star is Born was screened in theatres. Call me shallow, to be honest, I like that movie. I give 3 stars out of 5. Well, maybe (almost) 4.

But I Gocar-ed all the way to Kuta not to know more about Lady Gaga. I came to support Truedy. I like what she’s doing. Always exploring, expanding her horizons. Not long ago, she sang with The Hydrant Bali, duetted with Marshello, doing rockabilly. Before that she did Tori Amos night. While last night: Lady Gaga.

And she did a great job.

Go watch the video below. Witness how adventurous, wildly creative, and powerful she was. Oh, amazing outfit, too.

Photo: Alejandro JS.

Love you, brave girl.

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