Video: Beach House – Walk in the Park

This is the band that I’m currently in love with. They’ll be coming to my town in January. Yesyesyes, I surely will go see ’em. If they come to your city, I suggest you go, too. Why? Here’s one solid confession from an eyewitness:

I suppose everyone’s definition of a good live show is different, but I saw them last night and I was transfixed the entire time. It was a dream I didn’t want to wake from, happy and sad memories flooding back. I closed my eyes for half the show and just let the sound wash over me. When I opened them, I would see the rest of the crowd doing the same…

And below is a sneak peek of a few of their intimate live shows, performing one of my favourite songs, “Walk in the Park” in different occasions.


Front page photo, borrowed from It Sounded Sweet; main page photo, borrowed from NME

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