Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: STUART WILFORD

Edition: December 02, 2009Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: STUART WILFORDGentlemen Take Polaroids:: Playlist and notes, handpicked and written by Stuart Himself :: ...There have been a lot of influential songs over the past decades and it’s hard to narrow it down to this many. Half of the artists listed here could be an entire show in themselves, but here they are, my Block Rockin' Beats...
Masih ingat dengan Ice Ice Baby dari Vanilla Ice? Atau dansa-dansi sejuta umat Macarena? Atau Right Said Fred I'm Too Sexy, Afroman Because I Got High, Baha Men Who Let the Dogs Out, Blind Melon No Rain, Deep Blue Something Breakfast at Tiffany's, juga yang lawas macam The Knack My Sharona, Nena 99 Luftballons, a-ha Take On Me, dan banyak lagi. Fenomena artis yang bersinar cuma lewat satu lagu setelah itu kilapnya perlahan redup lalu sirna sama sekali, gejala macam begitu di industri musik diistilahkan dengan: One-Hit Wonder.


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