One Million Facebook Fans Can’t Be Wrong

Indonesian version please click hereA few weeks ago, the biggest punk rock band in Indonesia, Superman Is Dead, reached a significant record: One million fans on Facebook. This phenomenon is considered even more impressive due to the lack of SID's appearances on television, proving that plenty of block-rockin' concerts and a little word of mouth is all it takes for succes on this scale. JRX, the drummer and spokesman for the band stated that their interaction with outSIDers/Lady Rose (their special name for the fans) is not always about the music or promoting their current activities. Sometimes discussing humanities and ecology---in a few case the discussion can get very heated. "But that's the beauty of it," he added. According to JRX, Bobby Kool (vocal, guitar), and Eka Rock (bass, backing vocal) the Facebook succes only goes to show that television is not everything, and that you don't need to move to Jakarta (a.k.a. the centre of Indonesia's entertainment industry) to find stardom. There's no such thing as "Jakartacentric". And their intense and caring relationship with fans on Facebook has proven their theory. Stay connected with Superman Is Dead by checking out their website: or search them on Facebook, of course.


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