Senandung El Maut Kawanan Kelelawar Malam

Here comes Indonesia's scariest band: Kelelawar Malam. Featuring Sayiba Von Terkutuk (vocals, guitar), Deta Beringas (bass, vocals), Fahri Al-Maut (guitar, backing vocals), and Apin Kiamat (drums), was released their debut album, Kelelawar Malam. The album consists of 12 songs with the central theme of horror stories and urban legends, and dabbles around punk rock, heavy metal, stoner rock, ballads, and delta blues. The band was founded in 2008 due to Sayiba and Deta's dual obsession with the American horror-punk band the Misfits, and their love of Indonesian horror b-movies. Sayiba then wrote the lyrics and Deta did the artwork. Stay connected with the living dead here:


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