Deklarasi Cupumanik: Grunge Harga Mati

Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniCupumanik are back. These Bandung's grunge veteran just released their newest single with a video clip, "Grunge Harga Mati" a few days ago. This song is their first ever single after quitting from a major label. It's also their significant step to fully apply a kind of Do-It-Yourself ethos. Che, the frontman, said that starting December 2010 they will release one song every two months and give it away a.k.a. free of charge. Another six songs are ready to be distributed thru next year. The single "Grunge Harga Mati" is like a declaration that Cupumanik is identical to grunge, Cupumanik is grunge itself. They have always been tagged as a grunge band by the public, and it naturally has become their flesh and blood so this time they formally declared it. Regarding the video clip, it basically talks about the transformation that happened with Cupumanik, from major label to an indie band. It is expressed in the clip via the change in their fashion statement. Check out their newest single & video clip in YouTube. Keep updated with them via


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