The Hydrant: Dirty Thirty

Versi Bahasa Indonesia sila klik di siniIndonesia's rockabilly ambassador, The Hydrant, are here again and in full swing. After more than a year since releasing Bali Bandidos, the pompadour contingent have come back dandy and fully pomaded via their newest album, Dirty Thirty. The Bali quartet with the latest formation Marshello (singer, harmonica), Wis (guitar), Adi (contra bass) and Christopher (stand up drum), have a specific reason naming the album Dirty Thirty. The motor of the band, Wis and Shello, just turned the age of 30 years old and both agreed to step into the phase of being "dirty" to rock 'n' roll attitude which is getting married and having kids. This is the third full-length album for them since forming on August 14, 2004; and consist of 9 songs which are devoted to Americana and rockabilly-o-rama. The lyrics still talk about social issues ("Race to Nowhere" and "Boogie Cadillac") and the love, dynamic life of the personnel ("Wild Wild Boy", "My Baby", "Don't Cry"). They also have one guest guitarist, Krisna, participating in the swing-infected song, "Shake, Rhythm & Jive". Meanwhile Wis experiments a bit with Yngwie Malmsteen-cum-rockabilly in "Kuta Beach Terror" plus an instrumental composition, "The Outlaw Song". An album for all fashion-conscious rockers not to miss.


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