Maklumat Galau Themilo

Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniThe last time people heard news about Themilo was in 2003 when they released their debut full-length album, Let Me Begin. Now, 2011, this Bandung quintet is back presenting their newest composition: Photograph. The album consist of eight songs; one in Indonesian, six in English, and an instrumental. Two songs have been chosen as singles, "Do Not Worry for Being Alone," and "Daun dan Ranting Menuju Surga". Two guest stars participate in vocal department, namely: Maradilla Syachridar ("For All the Dreams that Wings Could Fly") and Grace Sahertian ("Apart"). Photograph has an interesting concept, where Themilo imagines they are holding a photo camera and using the viewfinder to capture their surroundings, with the lyrics being the result of the shooting. Themilo friends share stories about life, love, separation and introspection. Themilo was founded in 1996 by Ajie Gergaji as his side project. The first time they attracted public attention was when they released a song called "Sianida" in May 2001.


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