Domestic chaos and prolonged internal problems in Indonesia has inspired The Brandals to write and release DGNR8 (read: degenerate). The latest album after a drought of for four years is a tribute to the great nation of Indonesia, and how the band feels that the country has lost its way of life. The rather cynical viewpoint from the group that now prefers to call themselves "BRNDLS" is further strengthened by the design of the album cover, which is in the shape of the form of drug packaging. According to the band, DGNR8 is a kind of drug offered to the sick people in the dilapidated condition of the nation. Also with the progressive statements, the music direction has changed somewhat as well. The explosive approach of earlier efforts is now more controlled as the quartet grow older and more mature, but the foundation is still rock-n-roll. In one song, "Abrasi", Eka Annash & co. even invited the hip hop living legend, Morgue Vanguard aka Ucok Homicide to rap. Other than audio disc, this album has an interesting bonus, too, DGNR8: The DVD, which is a documentary movie about the making of the album, including the "behind the screen" story about the music and the dynamics of these angry young men.


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