Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: DIMAS ARIO & PRATIWI SASOTYA

Edition: July 13, 2011Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: Dimas Ario & Pratiwi SasotyaOne for Sorrow, Two for Joy:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and (most) photos, written and handpicked by Dimas and Tya :: When Dethu first offered Tya to submit a playlist of her own for Rock n Roll Exhibiton, her first response was to say no as she know she is incapable of making one. He said, 'Take your time and think about it'. She did. It was chatted about circa July 2010, and turns out, it took exactly a year to make. And Dimas' name popped-up in her head, he's one consistent mixtape maker. Mixtapes she enjoyed listening to. Once Dimas agreed to do a playlist together, she persuaded Dethu let them do a combo. They decided to only put duos and collaborations on the list to tie-up with the combo playlist theme. They also decided to put good ol' pop songs. There were many obscure and edgy ones already. Combining both personal preferred tunes was not a challenge, but distance is. She's in Surabaya, he's in Bandung. The playlist was done entirely through Yahoo Messenger and Skype, stealing times on office hours and staying awake at night. He took care of the track list, she looked for pleasing images. 'One for sorrow, two for joy' is an old nursery rhyme and is also the title of a song in the list. Guess it's aptly named.One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret never to be told.♬♪ Radio streaming live from 8-10 PM ♫♪


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