Sad-guitar postpunk, synthpop Russo, and phantom feelings melancholia.
Edition: March 17, 2010Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: ARIBOWO SANGKOYONyanyikanlah Hidup Kita!:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and (most) photos, written and handpicked by Ribosa Himself :: Saya bersaksi bahwa tiada hidup selain musik dan saya bersaksi bahwa lagu-lagu berikut adalah penyelamat kewarasan saya. Semoga kita dikembalikan ke distorsi yang 'benar' dan terbebas dari godaan pasar yang terkutuk. Amin.
Tonite! Wednesday, September 22, 2010; 8-10 PMRiot Grrrl & Queens of Noise: Yesterday and TodayJen Smith, personel Bratmobile, di suatu ketika di tahun 1991 pernah bilang, "This summer's going to be a girl riot" (versi lain menyebutkan "We need to start a girl riot"). Dan tak lama setelahnya, Wolfe serta Molly Neuman bekerjasama dengan Kathleen Hanna + Tobi Vail menerbitkan fanzine Riot Grrrl. Namun sejatinya pergerakan ini telah dimulai sejak tahun 1990, berpusat di Olympia, Washington, AS. Saat itu Punk Rock sedang melanda Olympia. Etos Do-It-Yourself sungguh diminati para anak mudanya. Perempuan-perempuan yang merasa suaranya kurang terdengar lalu berlomba-lomba mengambil peluang dengan menerbitkan fanzine, mengekspresikan pendapat pribadinya. Lalu di tahun 1991 stasiun radio KAOS di Olympia berinisiatif memberikan ruang kepada para wanita yang resah dengan membuat program Your Dream Girl. Fenomena Riot Grrrl kemudian direspons baik di International Pop Underground Convention dengan membikin konser khusus musisi perempuan saja pada hari pertama, 20 Agustus 1991, bertajuk Love Rock Revolution Girl Style Now. Secara musikal para aktivis Riot Grrrl pekat mempraktekkan ideologi Punk Rock yang kecil peduli pada kepiawaian bermain instrumen. Musik mereka terkesan mentah, lo-fi, amatiran. Slogannya: "Play just 'cause you wanna, no matter what". Riot Grrrl ini juga amat dekat dengan gerakan feminisme. Isu-isu yang sering diusung adalah mengenai pemerkosaan, pelecehan seksual, KDRT, pengakuan eksistensi lesbian, serta penguatan perempuan. Band-band yang kerap dikaitkan dengan Riot Grrrl di antaranya Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Heavens to Betsy, Sleater-Kinney, Team Dresch, Excuse 17, Huggy Bear, dsb. Di edisi BlokRokinBeats kali ini, Riot Grrrl & Queens of Noise: Yesterday and Today, saya pilih artis-artis yang baik secara langsung memang terlibat di skena Riot Grrrl macam Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, Team Dresch, dan Heavens to Betsy; juga kumpulan seniman perempuan yang besar menginspirasi gerakan persamaan derajat di Rock-n-Roll semisal Suzi Quatro, Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Poly Styrene (X-Ray Spex), The Slits, Exene Cervenka (X), Wendy O Williams, Joan Jett, pula Lita Ford; serta sosok-sosok wanita yang walau tak terkait langsung dengan fenomena Riot Grrrl namun tersimak punya peran menonjol, kental kesan pemberontak, in-your-face, bingar lagi bising, di blantika musik seperti Peaches, Brody Dalle (The Distillers), Lesbians On Ecstasy, Kittie, Le Tigre, Shonen Knife, plus lainnya."A movement formed by a handful of girls who felt empowered, who were angry, hilarious, and extreme through and for each other. Built on the floors of strangers' living rooms, tops of Xerox machines, snail mail, word of mouth and mixtapes, riot grrrl reinvented punk"- Beth Ditto» Radio streaming live click here
Edition: August 11, 2010Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: SIMON GRIGGExtended Play:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and some of the photos, written and handpicked by Simon Himself :: As a kid growing up in suburban Auckland in the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s good music was very hard to find. The commercial radio was awful, dominated by mainstream pap with a couple of hours of harder edged rock’n’roll late at night. Then came pirate radio and the underground and it opened a whole new world of adventure to me. Radio didn’t have to be pap. I starting hunting out the sounds I was hearing on my radio under the blankets late at night when I was supposed to be asleep, most especially the bands that were making the sorts of raw garage rock’n’roll in my hometown. By age 16 I was sneaking out and was a regular, under-aged, fixture at the various clubs and bars where bands, most of whom were never recorded, played. It was a short step from there to the forming my own band and then my own label. It set me on a journey I’m still enjoying. I’ve always liked to be challenged by music and almost everything here pushed the boundaries of contemporary music at the time they were released. And they are tunes…every last one of them.
Edition: June 02, 2010Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: EKA ANNASHPast, Present, Heron & Morphine:: Playlist, notes and (a few) photos, written and handpicked by Eka Himself :: Some of these tracks are obvious classic. But I'm going to try to include a few obscures that I thought was brilliant and didn't have the chance to be explored by (or exposed to) the mass at the time of its release. But then again, maybe it didn't have to. It only belongs to those whom had intimate relation with (and appreciation to) these songs, that makes them extremely vital and relevant from the first place. These songs connect with me in a special way. It has relation to momentum, mental state and memories that happened during the stretch of my childhood, puberty and adulthood. It helped shaping me into a better human being that I am today. Enjoy!
Edition: May 26, 2010Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: STEVE GAMBOAInspirations/Mutations:: Playlist, notes, and a few photos, handpicked & written by Steve Himself :: This selection of tracks is a synoptic reflection of the music and bands that greatly influenced me as a youth playing in punk bands in Washington, DC from 1988 â€" 2000. Growing up in ‘The Chocolate City,’ a southern town with an incredible musical legacy the likes of Duke Ellington, Marvin Gaye, Go-Go and D.C. Hardcore, I was very fortunate to have been exposed to a diverse range of music from my peers in the D.C. scene where I was brought up with the understanding that being a punk rocker meant not only that you listened to punk rock, but were also open to listening to all underground music regardless of genre, an ideology that I still maintain today as an active DJ. While it’s impossible to list most of the songs that influenced me during this period that was the most formative phase of my life, this playlist gives you a brief but personal idea of the groups and individuals that impacted my musical direction, manifested my politics, determined my style and made it on the tour van mix tapes. Hope you can dig on it…


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