Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: EKA ANNASH

Edition: June 02, 2010

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: EKA ANNASH
Past, Present, Heron & Morphine

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and (a few) photos, written and handpicked by Eka Himself ::

Some of these tracks are obvious classic. But I’m going to try to include a few obscures that I thought was brilliant and didn’t have the chance to be explored by (or exposed to) the mass at the time of its release. But then again, maybe it didn’t have to. It only belongs to those whom had intimate relation with (and appreciation to) these songs, that makes them extremely vital and relevant from the first place.

These songs connect with me in a special way. It has relation to momentum, mental state and memories that happened during the stretch of my childhood, puberty and adulthood. It helped shaping me into a better human being that I am today. Enjoy!

The Playlist:

01. Smashed Block – John’s Children
Marc Bolan’s first group that mixes British invasion pop formula & 60s psychedelic tangent. Drop acid or take mushroom, and put this track on whenever the peak’s about to come up. Orgasmic guarantee.
Album/Record Label/Year Released: Orgasm/White Whale/1970

02. Frankie Teardrop – Suicide
Noise terrorist Martin Rev & Alan Vega took hostility in rock music to another level. This is a 10 minute attack on the nerve, hearing and (sub) conscious. By the time the song finish, you’ll either throw up or hooked for life.
Suicide/Red Star/1977

03. Animal – Prick
Released on Trent Reznor’s Nothing Record in 1995. Great song from a great album that everyone forgot too soon.

04. Waiting Room – Fugazi
I love this band so much, I named my first band after one of their song… hahahaa.
My first encounter with Fugazi was in 1992. I used to skate with a bunch of highschool mates from local Punk band Pestol Aer. Their drummer Boris used to be a music connoisseur who’d always introduced us to Punk obscurities. One day he put on 13 Songs tape in his car, and it just blew me away. I was heavily into Hardcore/Crossover stuff back then, so hearing this slowed down, dubbed-up tempo was a revelation. With distinguished lyrics that just doesn’t talk about the ‘kids’ and the ‘scene’, but rather dealing with social issues, anti-corporate stand and self empowerment. Everyone whose about to enter the music business should listen to Fugazi in order to armored themselves before entering the arena.
13 Songs/Dischord/1991

05. Mary Won’t You Call My Name – Morphine
Listening to saxophone in Rock music is a treat. So when I heard Mark Sandman with that low tone sax blaring out is like having sex with a girl, then later you found out that you just popped her cherry. Morphine’s music is much like the metaphor of the substance: calm, dark, grim, moody with a hint of danger lurking around the corner. Unfortunately Mark Sandman died of heart attack during performance in Morphine’s Italy concert in 1999. What a glorious encore…
Cure For Pain/Rykodisc/1993

06. Oscillations – Silver Apples
I studied fine art in Sydney from ’99 – ’02 majoring in painting, during which time somewhere in 2000 an ex-girlfriend introduced me to Krautrock. We used to get absolutely doped up on OZ skunk and listen to Can’s Tago Mago, Neu, Magma and NY duo Silver Apples. It was the repetitiveness that create hypnotic allusion that got me. It’s good music to listen to while doing your painting and stoned out of your head.

07. I Am The Sun – Swans
Led by the enigmatic Michael Gira, Swans notoriously famous for their non-conformist stand with absolute no regards to compromise. Be it in their stage act or musical output. I wasn’t into their chaotic, visceral and aggressive early phase. But during the 90s, Swans releases has become more focus and accessible. Where rhythm and beats were usually scattered, now it was carefully arranged to build momentum. The Great Annihilator is the perfect piece off Swans’ chapter that captured those transition from the experimental era into the constructive phase, before finally embracing acoustic element until their demise in 1996. Gira is about to release a new (reunited) Swans album in 2010. Something that I’m really looking forward to, and so should you.
The Great Annihilator/Young Gods Records/1995

08. I Put A Spell On You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
The original shock rocker. There are absolutely NO Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, GG Allin, Screamin’ Lord Sutch , Arthur Brown, Rob Zombie or Gwar etc without the whole body works of one Mr. Jalacy Hawkins.
At Home with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’/Okeh/Epic/1958

09. Lick My Decals Off, Baby – Captain Beefheart
I was about to put Zappa on my list, but it would be too obvious, so I went with the captain instead. His music pretty much an exemplification of his persona: erratic, psychotic, neurotic & unpredictable. It’s not everyone cup of tea. But once you’re hooked to its chaotic & tangled juxtaposition, it’ll be your best & challenging adventure in unconventional Rock music.
Lick My Decals Off Baby/Straight Record/1970

10. Come to Daddy – Aphex Twin
SBS, an education TV channel in Australia used to have a weekly music clip program called Rage that ran from Friday night to Saturday morning. 8 solid hour of non-stop cutting edge video clip. No commercials, no bumpers or skits. Just clips back to back. Not sure if Rage‘s still running now. Anyway, back in ’99, I got home from one of those nightclubbing marathon. Completely bent out of shape after popping pills and danced for hours. There were group of people that half of them I didn’t even know crashed in my living room. It was nearly the break of dawn. I turned the TV on, fix myself a hit of strong skunk from the bong and dazed away. Out of sudden, came this video on Rage that shows of a creepy orc-looking creature surrounded by little kids with the same face on. They ran amok through this bleak industrial environment of housing & apartment complex. Then the creature bumped onto an old lady and just screamed it lungs out. Blowing winds thru the granny’s face. All looking very grey and morbid. Then I realized, “Fuck me… It’s the new Aphex Twin clip!”
I went out and bought the album the weekend after and it just turned my world upside down.
~ Watch the video here
Come To Daddy (EP)/Warp Records/1999

11. Frustration – Crime
Four menacing greasy-haired punks making primitive Rock ‘n Roll that never failed to impress every time I visited the album.
San Fransisco’s STILL Doomed/Swami/1991

12. Owner’s Lament – Scratch Acid
One of Kurt Cobain’s favorite band apparently. I found this track from About a Son soundtrack and immediately could relate to the appeals that hooked Kurt: That manic drumming, messy song structure combined with Pop melodies on raw guitar. I downloaded their Greatest Gift album and found out that vocalist David Yow were later formed The Jesus Lizard, which of course cemented my allegiance to Scratch Acid.
The Greatest Gift/Touch & Go/1991

13. Public Image – Public Image Limited
John Lydon’s statement on the exclusiveness of being an individual after the publicity trappings from The Pistols saga. Although, I must say, this song is way better than anything the Sex Pistols had ever done in their short-lived career. But the most striking thing about PiL is the rhythm section. That throbbing bass-lines, the sharp-piercing guitar, and the tribal-like drum pattern. PiL laid the basis for Post-Punk aesthetic that drove away from the standard ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ pattern and dive head first into the unknown territory of experimentation. That’s why their first 3 albums are absolute vital gems for those whose about to explore the challenging world of Post Punk.
The First Issue’/Virgin/1978

14. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Gil Scott-Heron
Revolutionary action that changes our culture will never be televised. It happened on the street. By the time it was packaged as media commodity, the world had already change. It was gone. That’s how advanced the message on this song. The speed of information that never catches-up with human revolutionary thinking. Some say he’s the godfather of rapping (along with The Last Poets) and this is the quintessential proto-rap track. Regardless the arguments, it contained every element that a revolutionary Hip Hop track should carries: provocative issues, aggressive approach and in your-face delivery.
Pieces of a Man/Flying Dutchman/1971

15. Slip Into The Android – Chrome
A band that truly miles ahead of its time. Taken from their 2nd album which, along with Suicide’s debut, tore up the stale conventional Rock structure and laid the path to the future of sonic experimentalism.
Alien Soundtracks/Siren Records/1977

16. Postwar Glamour Girls – John Cooper Clarke
Razor sharp & rapid fire urban poetry from The Salford son, predated anything that the new generation of British modern lyricists trying to duplicate or achieve, yet none even came close to the originator.
Word Of Mouth: Very Best of John Cooper Clarke/Epic/2002

17. I Will Refuse – Pailhead
One off project from Ian Mac Kaye & Al Jourgensen. One is the originator of Straight Edge principal, the other is notorious for his heroin abuse and an advocate of Rock ‘n Roll debauchery. One is responsible for the seminal Hardcore Punk & DIY movement, the other is well-known as the autocrat of industrial outfit Ministry. The anomaly of both musicians melt into one fearless, forceful declaration against corporate world. A perfect hybrid of musical & ethical collaboration.
Trait (EP)/Wax Trax/1988

18. Blue – The Jayhawks
I love the 90s. It was the decade where all musical genre morphed and into one strange, yet interesting output. In early 90s there were massive resurgence of the so-called ‘root music’ from the land of Americana (R&B, C&W, Folk, etc). A few names I’d followed their releases religiously because it always flawless artistically and exceeding the expectation, such as The Black Crowes, Uncle Tupelo, Bodeans, Wilco, JSBX, etc. Amongst these traditionalist, The Jayhawks was one of the most interesting from the pack due to their harmonious vocal arrangement (courtesy of CSN&Y blueprint). The first album Hollywood Townhall was a very impressive debut, yet they’ve outdone it on their 2nd album. Heavenly vocal harmonies, sublime guitar picking and heartbroken melodies that impossible to refuse and continuously charmed on every listens.
~ Watch the video here
Tomorrow The Green Grass/American Recording/1994

19. The Straight & The Narrow – Spiritualized
Remember how hard it was to keep yourself from the sweetest temptation? When you’ve tried your hardest to keep yourself together and walked the straight line? But then something always happened along the way, and you found yourself kept fell off the wagon, sliding into relapse & back onto old habits in a matter of seconds? Well, this song goes along all the way for your journey back into sweet oblivion. And no other person could accurately tell the tales more suitable than the ex-junkie Jason Pierce. Fuck Pete Doherty… Wanna get into the mainline? Go for Spiritualized.
Let It Come Down/Arista/2001

20. Spit – The Big Boys
Three over-sized (hence the name) boys from Texas playing Funk induced Punk so ferocious, they gained unadulterated respect from their peers. When The Big Boys took the stage, the whole floor shaking and slippery with sweat. There’s also a great Punk/Funk hybrid band called The Bellrays from England with a plumpy black girl commanding the vocal. They’ve been around since the 90s. Unfortunately a bigger girl named Beth Ditto stole their thunder with her similar outfit The Gossip. You see, If you wana Rock, size does matter.
The Skinny Elvis/Touch & Go/1993

21. I Wanna Be Your Lover – Prince
With all due respect to the late (so-called) King of Pop, I have to say that Prince is WAAAY better than Michael Jackson. MJ’s early stuff was alright, if not brilliant. But then disillusionment set in and he completely lost it during his megastardom phase. A paedophilia (let’s face it, he is), that was so traumatized with his childhood as a Jehovah’s witness and had been exposed to the world of sexual dysfunctional from such young age then turned into an introverted sex-hunger misfit. On the other hand, Prince Roger Nelson started as a charming bag full of libido that makes music to make love to. It all came from his lust ridden heart, that’s why we can feel his passion sincerely. It was as if he was trying to say through his music: I’m a sex addict, now deal with it! Now after the sex adventure chapter finished, he turned to religion as a Jehovah’s Witness. See the contradiction? Prince handled it cool, calm and collected.
Prince/Warner Bros/1979

22. Stay – David Bowie
My personal fave Bowie track at the moment. Made during his best period (Berlin era), strung out on coke and completely immersed in occultism. You could dismantle the transition from his Funk/Soul era of Young Americans into the Krautrock indulgence on his later work on Low, and found the consistent conceptual thread that ties his albums: avant garde experimentalism.
Station To Station/RCA/1976

23. Very Best Years – The Grays
Another forgotten jewel from the 90s. The Grays which consisted 4 musician/songwriter included Jon Brior & Jason Falkner (of Jellyfish fame) wrote heavy melodic pop in the tradition of The Cars and Cheap Trick. They only released one out-of-print and highly regarded album and dissolved a year after.
Ro Sham Bo/Epic/1994

24. Chinese Food – Om Bagus
Another current fave. Sick, demented hybrid of Punk/Metal/Oriental that just makes you want to trash the kitchen and bite into meat. Go and check the lyric!
~ Watch the video here

25. Tonite We’ll Dine In Hell – Nervous Breakdown
It takes me back straight to Jakarta Hardcore scene in mid 90s, where numerous bands adopting Hardcore Punk’s sub-genre and translate it in their own terms. Oyi, the lead singer is a manic urban hedgehog with wild-eyed bewilderment delivering punchy lyrics backed by his bands playing tight demonic-speed hardcore at its best. Pure adrenalin rush!
God Save The Freak (EP)/

26. Loosing Days – Sugarstar
Probably the only local Shoegaze outfit that matters. Came out from the BBs Bar scene by the dawn of this century. There were other bands representing the genre but these guys’ve had done it properly. Layers and layers of delayed & tremoloed guitar that brings to mind My Bloody Valentine at their best during Loveless era. Joseph Saryuf (voc/guitar) now formed Santa Monica with his muse, making even a much more original music with their Curiouser and Curiouser album.
Provoke! The End Compilation/RedBox/2004

27. How Long Must I Wait – Adrian Adioetomo
How often do you get the chance of hearing an album from a local guitar wizard playing Mississippi Delta Blues? Almost none. Usually you get the so-called ‘Rock’ guitarist masturbating its licks till you can’t tell whether if it’s genius techniques or plain show-off. But this one is so unexpected, you almost can not believe it was produced here in Indonesia. I got the opportunities of meeting and worked together with Adrian (or Ian) and was floored and amazed again and again every time I watched him play. Whenever he finished a song or just fiddle around, I would just stood there in awe and would later told him, “You rock man!” …and he would sheepishly fidgeting and went, “Aw, stop it!”. So now I get the chance to declare it without making him blushed: Ian, You fucking rock man!! 😀
Delta Indonesia/My Seed/2007

28. Selangkah Ke Seberang – Fariz RM
Musician who keep reinventing themselves such as Bowie, Prince, or Madonna always fascinated me. Even if they constantly changing their persona and music character, as long as its done with convincing artistic integrity and valid, I’ll buy it. We do have a local legend whom kept reinventing himself on each releases. Fariz Roestam Munaf is always about musical progression and ongoing reinvention. Never repeating himself. A strategy that I also holds dearly to myself.

29. Kritik Tanpa Solusi – Luky Annash
The youngest from the Annash family legacy. Our late father had always wanted us to be musician. So he bought an acoustic guitar for me, a drum set for Rully and a grand piano for the little fella. I quit learned the guitar almost immediately after trying for only a week. Rully still doing the drum moderately. But our little brother embrace the piano like he was possessed. Keep hammering at it 24/7 until now. And he’s about to release his debut solo album, which made us very proud profoundly. Here’s one of the song from the upcoming album.

30. Leaf & Lime – The High Llamas
The High Llamas principal songwriter Sean O’ Hagan is something of an exceptional anomaly. Never turned his head from his influence, he wore them on his sleeve throughout his career. You could smell the traces of Brian Wilson & Burt Bacharach right off the bat. But it wasn’t plagiarism though. Not like Noel Gallagher recycled the same Beatles riff over and over again. What O’Hagan does is takes patterns and snippets of melodies from here and there, twist and turn them, and combine it into a whole new pattern and collage that is almost unrecognizable, yet (like I said earlier) you could also smell the traces of its source. He steals and turn it into his own signature …Now, if that doesn’t sounds like a genius at work, I don’t know what else to call him. Do check and decide for yourself.
Beet, Maize and Corn/Drag City/2003

31. Around My Smile – Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions
That voice. Haunting, soothing, chilling and beautiful. Yet you can’t help to realize that she’s also gave voice to your traumatic heart that holds thousand mourning hour of life desperation, shattering hopes and broken hearted. I could never get enough of this kind of voice.
Bavarian Fruit Bread/Rough Trade/2001

32. Blue Skied an’ Clear – Slowdive
I caught the track from Gregg Araki’s The Doom Generation back in 1995. Perfectly summarized the doomed end of the movie. Also a good companion during your amphetamine comedown. Absolute bliss!


Note: Eka Annash is the singer of The Brandals. After working at a few different fields now he’s the art director for ColmanHandoko Advertising Agency. Personally, I admire the way he writes lyrics: Brilliant bittersour sex-drugs-rockandroll urban decay lyrics type thing.

Songs remixed by Marlowe Bandem.


» If you wanna download the whole playlist please click here

Upcoming shows/exhibitions*:

– July 14, 2010: Heru Wahyono (singer of Shaggydog, one half of Dub Youth)
– July 21, 2010: Dedi Kristian (ex-Music Director of CDBS FM Bali, HipHop activist)
– July 28, 2010: Ade Putri (publicist of Millionaires Club)
– August 04, 2010: Sammy Bramantyo (bassist of Seringai, radio announcer of Gen FM)
– August 11, 2010: Simon Grigg (the guy who formed and managed Suburban Reptiles, one New Zealand’s first two Punk Rock band; the legendary NZ bands’ producer/manager/DJ/you name it)
– August 18, 2010: Oddie Octaviadi (vocalist of Getah)
– August 25, 2010: Edy Khemod (drummer of Seringai, the guy behind Cerahati production house)
More exhibitions later by Jimi Multazham, Marzuki Mohammad, Veroland, Pratiwi Sasotya, Alfred Pasifico, Santi YZ, Nasta Sutardjo, Dewa Palguna, etc.

See y’all again next Wednesday!

Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-boned,

*subject to change

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