Félicitations, brian molko!

The lead singer of the British band Placebo is particularly known for his androgynous appearance, distinctive nasal vocals, unique guitar style and tuning, & being open about his use of recreational drugs.

Happy Birthday, King Of The Wild Frontier!

Better known as Adam Ant, he gained massive popularity in the UK—he’s English—after him and his group, Adam & the Ants, released their major label’s debut album Kings of the Wild Frontier.

Happy 62, Billy Idol!

Terlahir 62 tahun lalu, 30 November 1955, di London; pria bernama asli William Michael Albert Broad ini merupakan salah satu dari sedikit sosok yang wira-wiri di skena punk rock generasi pertama—ada yang mengistilahkannya dengan Punk 77, terkait dengan tahun sedang mekarnya punk rock di Inggris.

Lagu Paling Norak Sejagat

Jika ditanya lagu apa yang terkeren sedunia barangkali tiap orang punya jawaban beragam. Tergantung selera pribadi. Sering berhubungan erat dengan memori. Menurut majalah Rolling Stone—500 Greatest Songs of All Time—tembang terbaik di muka bumi adalah “Like a Rolling Stone” yang diciptakan dan dinyanyikan oleh Bob Dylan.

Homegrown & Well Known: Ian Stevenson

There should’ve been, at minimum, 3 bands to explode from Bali: Superman Is Dead, Navicula and Kaimsasikun. The last one had sophisticated skills, cool-and-controlled performance style, and their songs are even ‘poppier’ sounding than the other two bands (meaning it would be easier to penetrate the Indonesian market). They even have the looks. Ian Stevenson, the frontman, is without doubt one of the greatest young musicians that Bali ever produced. He shares what went wrong with his almost-famous group and a bit about his personal life in the post-Kaimsasikun era.

Interpol: All The Rage Back Home

Some people think that after the departure of Carlos D in 2010, Interpol, New York’s sharpest-dressed miserabilists, the modern-day equivalent of Duran Duran’s empty-headed brilliance, would pretty much collapsed.

Interpol Brand New Video: The Rover

The video for Interpol’s brand new song, “The Rover”, is now available on YouTube. This is also the first single for the New York indie rockers upcoming album, Marauder, scheduled to be released on 24 August 2018.

John Varvatos Ad Campaigns

John Varvatos credits his early obsession with rock ‘n’ roll as the catalyst for his interest in fashion.

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