Morgue Vanguard X Doyz: CSDB FM

Membuka pagi dengan serbuan hebat Demi Masa. Terasa sekali bahwa mereka berdua punya akar kuat di hip hop sekolah lama. Beat-nya menderu-deru serta kerap memasukkan kepingan-kepingan rap klasik. Pula padu padan kata dan pemilihan diksinya khas MC MV: langitkan kepalan, tinju di angkasa, trengginas, berwawasan luas. Can’t stop the bum rush.

Jagger-Richards Drug Bust

Today, 52 years ago, the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were arrested at Richards’ West Sussex, England home for drug possession. The bust followed Donovan’s arrest by the same drug squad, led by Norman Pilcher, the previous year, and sparked not only public debate within the rock community, but also within the underground and conservative press. Eric Clapton reportedly escaped arrest by Pilcher — who rang his doorbell pretending to be a mailman — by fleeing from his back door.

Menyikapi Tren K-Pop

Saya tidak suka dan bukan penggemar K-pop. Sejak awal kemunculan hingga kini. Menurut saya K-pop itu biasa saja.

The Cure Vs The Smiths

I love both bands. Pretty much the same quantity of love. But, yeah, true, every time Morrissey, the bigmouth strikes again, I’ll start questioning my loyalty to Moz—and The Smiths, to a certain degree.

Bad Reputation

38 Years ago, Bad Reputation, Joan Jett’s debut solo studio album was released.

Is Morrissey Rockabilly?

Same question that is commonly asked about Social Distortion, can Morrissey be called rockabilly?

Bumblebee & The Smiths

Finally had a chance to see Bumblebee last night. I bet most of you have seen it already. I don’t really follow Transformers, Star Wars, Star Trek, anything in that genre. I mean I’d still go to the cinemas to see those flicks. But mostly due to FOMO—fear of missing out. Plus I always like the ritual of going to the movies, watch motion pictures from a huge screen, and experiencing Dolby/THX/DTS, any sophisticated sound system.

Mambo Italiano

Today, 64 years ago, Rosemary Clooney was at no. 1 on the UK singles chart with “Mambo Italiano”. The song was banned by all ABC owned stations in the US because it “did not reach standards of good taste” (ha!)

Protect Ya Neck

Been spending most of my weekends in bed and watching this Netflix series, Hip-Hop Evolution.

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