…Sweet & Innocent? …Loud & Dirty!

These album reviews below were actually published in The Beat (Bali) mag way back in 2006. But I’m pretty sure they’re still worth checking out. Oh, these are quite different version than what were published on The Beat. These are the non-edited version. More in-your-face. More broken English…

Quelqu’un M’a Dit
Naïve/V2, 2003

If you are not into Mariah Carey, hate to face the fact that Paris Hilton thinks that she can sing, sick & tired with your old Sade’s album, collect this one.

You don’t need to go to Ku De Ta—and spend truckloads of money on cocktails—just to find a peace of mind. You don’t have to learn French—and join wine appreciaton class (specializing in French wine)—just to discover the glam & sophisticated side of yours. Let me introduce you to Carla Bruni Tedeschi. She’s Italian. Was one of the highest paid fashion model. Had been romantically linked to Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Kevin Costner, and Donald Trump. And definitely can whisper, giggle, and sing. Think Joni Mitchell meets Nico with a splash of fresh, aromateraphic French cologne. Beautiful and passionate. Acoustic and intimate. Smooth & introspective. A drop dead gorgeous not-so-innocent folk chanson Française album.

…Sweet & Innocent? …Loud & Dirty!
Tombstone, 2003

Not very happy with the result of Tiger Army last album, Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise; couldn’t dig the lazy Voodoo groove of Nekromantix’s Dead Girls Don’t Cry, quite disappointed with nothing-but-Gwen Stefani-and-Pink-go-Punk Horrorpops’ Hell Yeah, I cruised way further down Psychobilly avenue. Frankenstein has mercy, I found this kickass re-release album …Sweet & Innocent? Yes, these German veterans have been around since 1987. And without any split up. Or Kurt Cobain’s bye bye-cruel-world syndrome. This quintet stands tall. Same dudes, same bad attitude, since day one. Surprise surprise.

Think Elvis from hell (and has watched too much 3 Stooges in local tv there). Imagine Graceland’s graveyard overflow with cheap booze, deadly ciggies, and satanic speed. Punk Rock + contra bass x Boris Karloff – Tipper Gore = Mad Sin. Count Dracula, lock up your daughter!

Shadow of the Valley of the Death
Victory, 2005

From Chicago with Celtic chemistry. Indeed, The Tossers are the proud, oh-so proud imitators of The Pogues. Tony Duggins is the badass bastard son of Shane MacGowan. And Shadow is the Punk Rock version of If I Should Fall From the Grace of God. You can also tell that they are so grateful with the first most precious gift from God: Alcohol (the second: Pamela Anderson, the third: Maserati). Two obvious examples, No Loot, No Booze, No Fun and Drinking in the Day. Yet if you listen to each of their song, you will totally understand how so very grateful they are…

This is not your regular angst-ridden youth music, f**k-the-world marketing gimmick, kiddy winkly “Anarchy” & “Destroy” cliché, or pseudo anti-everything attitude. No, not this one, dear Blink 182. Shadow is an excellent piece of modern Irish Folk Rock. Great vocal. Brilliant songs from start to finish. Mandolin here. Accordion there. Ballads and booze everywhere. Buy this album and thank me later.

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