Domestic Groove: INDRA7

Mostly Indonesian bands like Rumah Sakit’s 1+2, Mata Jiwa, and Suar Marabahaya by ((Auman)). I still keep updated with the electronic stuff from as well.

Sara Wijayanto 1

Domestic Groove: Sara Wijayanto

Oh, I have been playing both Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream and Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns a lot lately. Those and only those, non stop!

Domestic Groove: Syaharani

Well, I actually don’t really listen to any particular album these days. At the moment I’m working intensely on songs for my project ESQI:EF (Syaharani & Queenfireworks).

Domestic Groove: LUCY WIRYONO

New Kids On The Block! Post concert syndrome. Oh well, considering I’ve waited 20 years to see them… I’ve spent my life listening to their albums over and over again haha…

Kikan Namara 1

Domestic Groove: KIKAN NAMARA

Well, right now I’m preparing for my first solo album—my first single, “Serasa”, is already out, by the way.

Domestic Groove: RICHARD OH

All this month, three songs seem to take possession of me: James Morrison’s “In My Dreams” and Jason Mraz’s “The World As I See It” and “I Won’t Give Up”.

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