Domestic Groove: SANDHY SONDORO

Sandhy Sondoro 1

What music are you into at the moment?
Right now, I’m into all kind of music as I always was—good music which is made with LOVE.

What was the first record you bought—any interesting story about it?
The first Record I bought was from Michael Jackson. Because I wanted to be able to do the “Moonwalk” like Michael did… hehe…

What is your all-time favorite album? Why?
My all-time favorite album is and will always be Grace by Jeff Buckley.
It’s just simply amazingly beautiful. The way Jeff sang. The way he wrote the songs. His guitar chords. He was a singer/songwriter and a magician at the same time.

What was the worst record you ever purchased?
Never did it. Coz I always checked it out before I decided to buy one.

Who do you want to be, other than yourself, next time you reincarnate?
I wanna be the Dalai Lama. Coz he always smiles.

What album do you choose to start your weekend?
Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall.

And song you choose to end your weekend?
Ray La Montagne’s Three More Days.
Sandhy Sondoro 2

Sandhy is currently on schedules promoting his latest self-titled album which consist of his new songs and his previous release in Europe.

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