The Magnificent Zoot Suit Seven: Built for Speed

Just like the terminator once promised, a certain Leonardo has returned and this time he’s been built for speed! Yes, you read correctly, the Jakartan singer/songwriter has released a new album, Built to Race.

Domestic Groove: ARIE DAGIENKZ

You may or may not be aware, but I’m actually a metalhead—I’m metal to the core! So it goes without saying that metal music is my daily soundtrack. Lamb of God, Sepultura, you name it.

Superman Is Dead - SdTA

Superman Is Dead: Anarchy for the Nation

One gig after another, Superman Is Dead is constantly on the road, almost always away from home and, thus, until recently, the Bali-born and raised three-chord combatants have had next to zero spare time to get their heavily tattoo’d arses back into the recording studio.

Domestic Groove: MARCEL THEE

There’s a couple of local bands I’ve really been enjoying, such as Jirapah, Vague, and Polka Wars.

Lala Karmela

Between Us & Lala

Lala Karmela isn’t the same singer you used to know. Having released one generic, commercial pop album, the girl better known as Lala, has returned to the scene of her crime and decided to show her ‘as close to the truth as pop-gets’ version of herself by way of Between Us.

Domestic Groove: FARAH WARDANI

Joining the hype: Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. Been interested in Daft Punk since they first came out with that “Around The World” video, and then the Interstella 5555 album.

Neonomora: Fight the Good Fight

In a country the size of Indonesia, when a pretty little thing gets tagged as “the next big thing” there must be something pretty damn special about her.

Morfem: Hey, Makan Tuh Gitar!

If you are into noise music and shoegazing sounds (think Sonic Youth meets The Jesus and Mary Chain),

Domestic Groove: INDRA7

Mostly Indonesian bands like Rumah Sakit’s 1+2, Mata Jiwa, and Suar Marabahaya by ((Auman)). I still keep updated with the electronic stuff from as well.

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